Cobie Smulders Comments On WONDER WOMAN And Voicing The Character In THE LEGO MOVIE

We now know that Gal Gadot (Fast & Furious 6) is set to play Wonder Woman in 2015’s Batman vs. Superman, and will presumably reprise the role for future solo movies as well as Justice League. However, one fan-favorite choice for the role in the past was Cobie Smulders, who is currently playing Maria Hill in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In addition to being Joss Whedon’s choice when The Avengers director was working on a Wonder Woman movie, Smulders is also voicing the character in February’s The LEGO Movie. Speaking with Total Film, the actress comments on playing Wonder Woman in the animated film. “Wonder Woman is such an amazing character. But she’s very iconic, so it’s scary stuff. It’s scary stuff with big shoes.” Smulders is then asked about the possibility of her starring in a Wonder Woman movie. “I’m open to everything. I think it would be awesome, but who knows. I’m happy doing these great films like Delivery Man and being Maria Hill [in Avengers]. If Wonder Woman comes up, I’ll think about it then. Obviously I’d love to be a part of it if anything ever happened. But there’s nothing going on.” 

Again, with another actress filling the role, Smulders playing Wonder Woman in a live action film is highly unlikely (at least for the near future). However, you can check out The LEGO Movie – in which she voices Diana of Themiscyra alongside other DC superheroes, such as Channing Tatum’s Superman and Will Arnett’s Batman – in theaters on February 7th.

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