Rumor: Metallo Is The Main Villain In BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN; JUSTICE LEAGUE Will Be An International Team; An African-American Actor For Lex Luthor?

Think Mcfly Think is reporting some very intriguing details on not only the villains of Batman vs. Superman, but what Warner Bros. is planning to do with the entire Justice League movie team. First off, the site claims to know which character 300: Rise of an Empire‘s Callan Mulvey is up for in the former, and it’s Metallo. The human-android hybrid is said to be the main antagonist of the story. Mulvey was reportedly also considered for the Lex Luthor role, and TMT speculates that the studio is either looking for a different actor to play Lex, or that the character has been written out completely. 
However, TMT later posted a scoop with more details on WB’s plans for Lex. Apparently, African American actors are being tested for the role. Denzel Washington was the studio’s top choice, but the acclaimed actor couldn’t finalize a deal. And Idris Elba is considered an “impossible” candidate, due to his currently playing Heimdall in Marvel’s Thor series. An actor who was surprisingly approached for the Luthor role was…David Ramsey. Yes, the actor who plays Diggle on The CW’s Arrow was reportedly considered for the villainous part. If true, increases the unlikelihood of Arrow crossing over into the DC Cinematic Universe.
Finally, TMT suggests that the big screen Justice League will be very diverse. Dubbing them the “United Nations” of superheroes, each member would represent a different part of the world. Superman (Henry Cavill) will represent the Earth as a whole due to his being an immigrant, Batman (Ben Affleck) will personify the United States, Wonder Woman will be portrayed by an Israeli (Gal Gadot), and The Flash will be played by a Latino or Hispanic actor. 
As none of this has been officially confirmed, take the above info with a pinch of salt. Watchtower of Babel will update with more news if and when it comes.

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