Has GOTHAM Found Its Jim Gordon? Donal Logue Reportedly Offered Role [UPDATED]

It was confirmed earlier this week that Fox is moving forward with a Gotham television series. While it will feature young Bruce Wayne’s journey to becoming Batman and showcase villains such as Joker and Riddler, Detective James Gordon will be the star of the prequel show. Now, we may or may not have our first actor linked to the project. According to Latino Review, Sons of Anarchy and Vikings actor Donal Logue has been offered the lead role of Gordon. Logue is no stranger to comic book adaptations, having been seen in Blade and Ghost Rider.
However, the actor is now denying that he will play the character. Taking to Twitter, Logue responds to this rumor with the following. “not true! I wish-would be awesome (but who could top Gary Oldman?) From what I heard, Gotham catches Gordon in his late 20’s.” This is speculation on my part, but perhaps Logue has been offered the role, but he decided to turn it down due to reasons he stated. At 47, he is certainly older than what Gotham is apparently looking for. Plus, this is the first we’ve heard of Gordon being in his 20’s, as we didn’t know the exact age range of the character. So, Logue likely knows something about it. In the meantime, we’ll just have to wait and see. 
UPDATE: Latino Review has since claimed that Logue is lying in his denial, and that the actor doesn’t even know that he has the part. In response, Logue reaffirms that he has not been offered the role. “Lying? He might know something I don’t. Maybe it was discussed. But I guarantee u no offer was made 2 me.” 

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