Michael Rosenbaum Thinks Joaquin Phoenix Has Been Cast As Lex Luthor In BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN

After playing Lex Luthor on The CW’s Smallville for several years, many fans have campaigned for Michael Rosenbaum to reprise the role for Batman vs. Superman. However, it looks like Warner Bros. is looking for an actor with a more prestigious pedigree to play the villain, with the likes of Joaquin Phoenix and Bryan Cranston rumored for the role. Speaking with We Got This Covered, Rosenbaum was asked about the possibility of his playing Luthor again in the Man of Steel follow-up. He admitted that, while he enjoyed playing the character on Smallville and would’ve liked to do it again, he didn’t have a chance of reprising the role on the big screen. 
Why? Well, he says he’s “heard” that Joaquin Phoenix is set to portray Lex Luthor. While it’s possible that Rosenbaum is simply saying this based on internet rumors, he is in the industry and might have talked with somebody involved with Batman vs. Superman, and found out who is playing Lex. Of course, that’s just speculation. Hopefully, we’ll find out who is the new Lex Luthor is very soon, especially with the film starting production in a few weeks. Below is a snippet of We Got This Covered’s interview with Rosenbaum, in which he talks about Luthor.

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