SUICIDE SQUAD Movie Script Review Reveals Character Details And More

In celebration of New Year’s Day, Bleeding Cool has posted a review of Justin Marks’ script for Suicide Squad. The Street Fighter scribe was hired to adapt the DC comic back in 2011, and Warner Bros. is still interested in making the supervillain team-up. The site previously said that it was one of the planned low-budget DC movies, and the studio is currently looking for directors – two of which have declined. 
Bleeding Cool then gets into a review of the script, focusing on how close it is to the comic. The seven team members are Deadshot, Vixen, Boomerang, Blockbuster, Multiplex, Jaculi and Mindboggler. The first three are the focus of the script. The superteam Onslaught serve as the antagonists, featuring a lineup of Rustram, Ravan, Manticore and Djinn. Other characters such as Amanda Waller, Rick Flag and Fallout are featured as well. Below are some spoilerish script excerpts from Suicide Squad, and head over to Bleeding Cool for the site’s complete review. 

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