THE FLASH Exec Producer Teases the Untitled Team-Up Spin-Off Series

Following the success of Arrow and The Flash, The CW is developing a spin-off series that will team up several supporting characters from both shows. The Atom, Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Martin Stein and Canary are set to appear, while newcomers Hawkgirl and Rip Hunter will feature. Casting is underway for a third, unnamed character. Little else is known about this series, which does not have a title yet. And now, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg has again teased the team-up show.

Speaking with IGN at WonderCon 2015, Kreisberg reaffirms that the series will be similar to the Arrow/Flash crossovers, but it’ll be every week rather than once or twice per season. He adds, “On both Arrow and The Flash there are teams in the sense that there is Team Arrow and Team Flash, but to have a team fully comprised of heroes and villains is going to be pretty epic.” So, it sounds like the show will see Atom and other heroes team up with the likes of Captain Cold and Heat Wave? Interesting. Meanwhile, Carlos Valdes, who plays Cisco on The Flash (but is not involved with the spin-off), shared what he has heard, saying that it is going to be “amazing” and “unstoppable.”

In a separate interview with Comic Book Resources, Kreisberg elaborated on Cold and Heat Wave’s roles in the spin-off, saying that their characterization in that show will be set up on The Flash. “I think what you’ll see on both shows is we’ll be building up to the spinoff. As much as Flash and Arrow are connected, Flash and Arrow and the new show are going to be interconnected, so you’ll be seeing the evolution of some of these characters. And obviously, that was part of the decision to have [Leonard] Snart find out Barry’s identity, because we knew the trajectory that those characters would be going on and how they’d be playing off of each other.

Kreisberg also reveals that Captain Cold will return in episode 22 of the season, which is titled “Rogue Air.” “And there’s some great scenes coming up between Wentworth [Miller] and Grant [Gustin] in episode 22 which is further evidence of Snart’s changing character and where we’ll find him in the new show.” In the New 52 comics, Cold became a member of the Justice League following the “Forever Evil” story arc. Could we see something similar play out in The Flash and the spin-off?

Stay tuned for more news as we have it. The untitled Flash/Arrow spin-off is expected to premiere during the 2015-2016 midseason on The CW.

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