DC Movie News Bits: The Rock (Sort Of) Addresses Green Lantern Rumors, New MAN OF STEEL Domain Registered, Bill Murray Talks Batman

A few tidbits of DC movie news have found their way online. First up, the Dwayne Johnson as Green Lantern rumor has been circulating the web recently, based on a three-month old Instagram post from the actor. IGN picked it up, and Johnson himself responded on his Twitter account. He kind of did, kind of didn’t deny the possibility of his playing John Stewart, rehashing the hashtag that reignited the speculation. “All I said was… #LanternCanWhupSuperman.” Johnson did say that he will work on a DC movie this year, and based on his interest in playing Stewart, there’s a possibility of his tackling that role in Batman vs. Superman and/or a Justice League film. Of course, he could still be playing an entirely different character. We should hear something official in the coming months.
There have been plenty of rumors surrounding the official title for the Man of Steel follow-up, aka Batman vs. Superman. For now, Warner Bros. is calling it the untitled Superman/Batman film. A while back, WB registered domains that are likely for the film, including subtitles such as “Shadow of the Night”, “Black of Knight”, “The Blackest Hour”, and “Battle the Knight”. Now, via Comic Book Movie, we can add another title to the list. The latest domain name registered is Man of Steel: Fight or Flight. Yeah, I’m thinking these are for a viral site or a video game tie-in, rather than for the official movie title. But what do you think?
Before the 1989 Batman movie starring Michael Keaton, WB was considering a number of options to approach a film starring the Caped Crusader. One of these ideas was to cast Bill Murray as Batman in an Ivan Reitman-directed adaptation. Originally written with a Dark Knight Returns-esque tone, reuniting the director and star of Ghostbusters would seem to contradict that. However, decades later, Murray commented on that possibility on the Late Show with David Letterman (via ComicBook.com). “You know, I’ve heard that story too. Really, I have. And God, I would have been an awesome Batman. But actually I loved…but I don’t think that’s true…but I thought Michael Keaton’s Batman was great. I thought he was really cool as Batman. He was like one pissed guy. He was Batman alright.” He then jokes about possibly playing Peter Pan in Warner Bros.’ Pan, which was recently moved to Batman vs. Superman‘s old release date of July 17th, 2015. You can see Murray this weekend in George Clooney’s The Monuments Men.

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