DC Movie News Bits: More From Stephen Amell On ARROW’s Possible Big Screen Future + Chadwick Boseman Namedrops Green Lantern

Stephen Amell has made no secret about his interest in reprising his Oliver Queen/Arrow role for the big screen, particularly the long awaited Justice League movie. Appearing at Emerald City Comicon (via Comic Book Resources), the Arrow star again talked about leaping into the DC Cinematic Universe. He reaffirmed that he’s interested in playing Green Arrow on film, and would be frustrated if another actor took the role. “I’m completely overly competitive. And the thought of somebody else playing Oliver Queen makes me want to smash that head through that table. But for the time being, it’s very difficult for me to look past filming our 22nd episode of the season right now.” Amell finishes by saying, “I would definitely be open. And I appreciate all the support.” For more from Amell, click the link above.

Since the success of 42, Chadwick Boseman has been frequently suggested for a comic book movie role. Last year, he was rumored to be a top contender to play Marvel’s Black Panther. Now, speaking with Blackfilm, Boseman addressed the possibility of taking on such a role. “Let me put to you this way. If it’s character driven, I’ll do it. As long as it’s character driven, I would love to do it. If it’s just you in a suit and you with powers, then it doesn’t interest me, no matter how big it is. As long as it’s character driven, I’m totally into it. If they could figure out how to do Black Panther and make it fit the original or adapt to the times we’re in now and be new and innovative and be character driven and has the sense of what the comic book is supposed to be, but not bound by it, then yes, of course, I would want to do it.” Boseman then asked the interviewer if fans wanted to see a Black Panther movie, with “yes” being the reply. The actor followed that up with, “What about Green Lantern?” But before more could be said, the interview was finished.

Boseman randomly namedropping Green Lantern in a conversation about Black Panther is certainly interesting. John Stewart has been another character suggested for the actor. And despite Dwayne Johnson denying rumors that he’s playing that hero, perhaps Stewart will be the Justice League movie’s Green Lantern? It’d make sense for Warner Bros. to cast Boseman as one of its DC characters, since 42 was a bit hit. Could the actor be in contention to play Lantern, or even already landed the role? Either way, major DC movie news is expected to come in the near future, so hopefully, we’ll get some clarificaion on this sooner than later.

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