New Trailer For GOTHAM Season One Offers First Looks At Arkham City, Victor Zsasz And More

Gotham officially made its premiere last week – you can check out our review of the pilot here – and with its second episode airing on Fox tonight, we have a new promo trailer (via Spoiler TV) teasing what to expect from other episodes this week. It offers our first glimpses at the likes of Sal Maroni and Arkham Asylum (and Arkham City!), and it reveals the presence of Victor Zsasz and a character who looks to be Professor Pyg. There is also a masked individual who many fans are speculating to be Scarecrow or Dollmaker. The trailer also teases developments for the series’ main cast, particularly the uneasy partnership between Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock. Check the trailer out below, and stay tuned for more Gotham news as we have it.

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