THE FLASH Casts CW Veteran As Linda Park

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting today that Star-Crossed and Vampire Diaries alumnus, Malese Jow has been cast as Linda Park.
A native of Tulsa Oklahoma, twenty-three year old Malese Jow
is a multi-talented performer.  She cut
her teeth as an actress on the Nickelodeon series, Unfabulous as well as guest starring on Disney shows like Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place
Most viewers will know her from her as “Anna” in Season One of
CW’s The Vampire Diaries or as
“Alice” in The Social Network
(starring future Lex Luthor, Jesse Eisenberg.) (imdb)
Jow will be playing “Linda Park.”  Park is a well-known character in the Flash mythos.  She is a television reporter from Keystone
City introduced prior to the New 52 during the Wally West era as Flash.  Her relationship with the speedster began
somewhat confrontationally but the two warmed to each other and eventually
became romantically involved.  She and
Wally married in the comics and eventually had twins.
On the show, Park will be a co-worker of Iris at the Central
City Picture News.  Described as
“quick-witted” she helps Iris “navigate the world of
Journalism.”  She meets Barry at a
local bar and the pair will hit it off. 
She will appear in episode 12 of season one.
It remains to be seen what the producers’ plans for Park are
or if her arrival on the show signals the potential for Wally West.  We’ve seen already on The Flash and on several occasions on Arrow that the producers are more than willing to take liberties
with familiar characters in order to tell stories as they see fit.  Still, news that the world of The Flash is expanding is always a good
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