Former JUSTICE LEAGUE: MORTAL Director George Miller Still Interested in Helming a Comic Book Movie

Director George Miller’s latest film, Mad Max: Fury Road, recently released to nearly unanimous critical acclaim. Before that, however, he was set to bring DC’s greatest superheroes together in Justice League: Mortal. That movie had a polarizing cast and storyline, and before it could begin shooting, it was cancelled. Of course, a new iteration of the Justice League is coming soon as the DC Cinematic Universe is about to make its presence felt. However, is Miller still interested in the genre?

Speaking with Collider (via ScreenGonzo), Miller affirms that when it comes to comic books, he grew up on DC, and that is his preference. “I used to draw comics myself as a kid. You know in an isolated, rural community comics were kind of illicit. They weren’t allowed in schools. So of course I was really into them. It was the DC world.” As for potentially directing a DC movie, Miller says, “Yeah, I don’t have to write the screenplay. It really depends on story. I mean they are, basically, Greek and Roman mythology repurposed. They are, in their own way, quite profound. So it’s something I would look at. I’ve probably got more movies…I definitely got more movies in my head than I’ve got time to make. I do like mixing genres where one is like a holiday from the other, you know?”

After the success of Fury Road, Miller is expected to return for more Mad Max. It wouldn’t be surprising if Miller is too busy with this franchise to helm a DC movie in the near future, even though he has a good relationship with Warner Bros. Zack Snyder is set to direct two Justice League movies in 2017 and 2019, respectively. However, would you prefer to have seen Miller’s version of the team?

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