Tom Brooke Joins PREACHER Cast in Series Regular Role

Production on Preacher
is in full swing and today Deadline reported that London Born actor, Tom Brooke
has joined the cast.

Son of actor Paul Brooke (probably best known to most as the
Rancor Keeper in Return of the Jedi (imdb1))
Tom Brooke broke into acting in 2004 in the sequel to Bridget Jones’ Diary, Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason. (Strangely
enough, his father was in the first film.) 
He had a recurring role on the BBC comedy Thieves Like Us in 2007. 
More recently, he had a role in BBC’s Sherlock and as one of the contemptible Freys, Lothar in the third
season of Game of Thrones.  (imdb2)

He will be playing “Fiore.” In the comic, Fiore
and fellow angel deBlanc were sent to Earth to retrieve the Genesis entity.  The meet Jesse early in the series where they
inform Jesse that God has abdicated his throne. 
When they reappear towards the end, the pair has fallen from grace in
spectacular fashion.

The Deadline article did not offer any information on what Brooke’s role on the show will be (though Jesse would be wise not to accept any wedding invites from Fiore) but they did state that he will be a series

Source – Deadline

Preacher is in production at Warner TV, Sony and AMC.

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