Michelle MacLaren is Front Runner to Direct WONDER WOMAN

TheWrap.com reported that a front runner for the
director for the Wonder Woman solo
film has emerged; Michelle MacLaren.
The wrap didn’t name their source but they described the
individual as someone with “knowledge of the project.”  The source did not make it clear if any
negotiations are underway but they did state that there are other candidates
should MacLaren not work out.
MacLaren is an experienced television director and
producer.  She directed episodes of The Walking Dead, NCIS and Game of Thrones.  She directed eleven episodes of Breaking Bad and served as Executive
producer.  She won directing Emmys both
for her work on Breaking Bad and Walking Dead and has been nominated for
several other awards as both a director and producer. (imdb)
The Wrap reached out to Warner Brothers as well as
MacLaren’s representation, both groups refused to comment.
Marvel has had success with hiring directors from television;
Joe and Anthony Russo were picked to direct Captain America: The Winter Soldier based on their work on CommunityThor:
The Dark World
director Alan Taylor directed episodes of Game of Thrones prior to Marvel hiring him
and despite some work on films Joss Whedon was primarily a television director
and producer before taking the Avengers
job.  Considering the almost
television-like nature of franchise film, it makes sense to call on people with
experience.  Michelle MacLaren has a
resume that may fit what WB/DC needs.
To put it bluntly, Wonder
is the most important film on WB/DC’s announced slate of films.  Considering that Wonder Woman’s status in the
DC Universe is equal to Batman and Superman many feel her arrival in theaters
is long overdue.  In addition, Comic Book
Movies centered on female characters have had very little success.  A hit Wonder
solo film could be a game changer for Warner Brothers and comic book
films as a whole. 
Whether or not Michelle MacLaren ends up directing, there
will be a Wonder Woman movie in
2017. It’s safe to say “the world will be waiting for her.”
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-Source thewrap.com
Wonder Woman starring
Gal Gadot premieres June 23rd, 2017

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