SHAZAM Seemingly Confirmed To Be Set In The DC Cinematic Universe; GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’s James Gunn Would Have Loved To Direct

While Warner Bros. announced that a DC Cinematic Universe featuring the Justice League, Suicide Squad and more will kick off in 2016, there has been some confusion over Shazam. Despite the former Captain Marvel recently being seen as a member of the Justice League, most notably in the New 52 comics and the Justice League: War animated feature, fans have interpreted some comments from New Line Cinema president Toby Emmerich and star Dwayne Johnson (Black Adam) as confirmation that this film would take place in its own world. Of course, this made little sense, given Shazam’s increasing presence in the mainstream DC Universe. And now, it looks like we have confirmation that Shazam will indeed co-exist with the Justice League.

DC Comics’ official blog is running its annual “Ten Moments That Mattered” series, and obviously, one post reflected on Warner Bros.’ DC Cinematic Universe announcement. During the post, it is stated that the ten films that were announced are “…all set within the same universe.” Of course, Shazam is one of these ten films. This news should not come as a surprise, but hopefully, this will clear up any confusion over whether or not Billy Batson lives in the same world as Batman and Superman.

Shazam is currently being written by Turbo‘s Darren Lemke, and it has yet to lock down a director. However, one filmmaker who would have liked a chance to bring the Big Red Cheese to life is James Gunn, who recently directed Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy. Answering a fan’s question on Facebook, the director confirmed that his current Marvel contract forbade him from going off to helm a DC movie. However, he adds, “Would have love to have done Shazam.” Hopefully, a director for the project will be locked down sooner than later. Shazam is set to hit theaters April 5th, 2019.

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