Meet the Maiden of Might: Melissa Benoist is SUPERGIRL

The number one thing most fans have been waiting for since
the announcement of CBS bringing Supergirl
to television has been a casting announcement. 
Press releases and interviews with producers can give us a lot to chew
on but fans really get excited once they have an actor or actress to put a face
to their character.  Ladies and
gentlemen, wait no longer: meet Melissa Benoist.
Twenty-six year old, Melissa Marie Benoist hails from
Littleton, Colorado.  She grew up one of
eight children (four sisters and three brothers) and attended Marymount
Manhattan College.  She already has a
pretty impressive acting resume.  After guest
roles on series like: Law and Order:
Special Victims Unit
and The Good
she came to most viewers’ attention as “Marley Rose” on Glee. More recently she starred
alongside Miles Teller and JK Simmons in Whiplash.
Benoist will be playing Kara Zor-El aka Kara Danvers.  At twenty-four, Kara has lived on earth for
half her life, learning from her adopted parents to hide her abilities.  She is forced to reveal her abilities to the
world during a crisis and decides to use her powers to help people. (Our previous
article, HERE)
Benoist took to twitter after the announcement became public
and expressed her feelings on the matter: “I wish there was a superhero emoji” which she quickly followed
with “But seriously, sans emoji… I
AM SO EXCITED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
” (twitter)
We can see Miss Benoist is excited, but what about you? Let
us know, HERE
Supergirl is in
development by Warner Brothers and CBS.

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