Hans Zimmer Talks BATMAN V SUPERMAN Score + Viola Davis Confirmed as Amanda Waller

Celebrities on the Red Carpet at the Oscars generally have
to run a reporter gauntlet.  The
questions are generally fishing expeditions hoping for a sound bite; “Who
are you wearing?” “Who are you here with?” “Do you have a
favorite tonight?” Another popular question is “What are you working
on?”  Legendary film composer, Hans
Zimmer was asked this by Josh Horowitz of MTV and he teased him on Batman v Superman.  Meanwhile, a reporter from CTV’s eTalk asked
Viola Davis about her rumored involvement with Suicide Squad.
Zimmer stated that the score has yet to be written, which is
nothing new for Zimmer.  His scores are
usually written, recorded and arranged in the final weeks before release.  When the reporter expressed surprise, Zimmer
said he has “a couple of ideas.” 
Horowitz then asked if Zimmer is working on anthems for Wonder Woman’s
and Aquaman’s appearance in the film, Zimmer said that this was part of his
score as well.  
Horowitz followed up by asking if Zimmer would be scoring themes for Wonder Woman and Aquaman and Zimmer for the most part side-stepped
the question.  He also confirmed that
Junkie XL is writing the Batman portion of the score, Zimmer said this was in
part to not “betray” the work he did on the Nolan Trilogy.  Zimmer has collaborated with Junkie XL before;
they remixed some of Zimmer’s music for both The Dark Knight Rises and Man
of Steel.
Meanwhile, CTV talked briefly with Viola Davis and her
husband, Julius Tennon.  Davis has been
rumored for quite a while to be playing Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad but no official announcement was ever made.  CTV cut to the chase and asked if she would
be in Toronto later this year to play Waller. 
Davis shared a look with her husband then said that she would be there
and Tennon elaborated by saying that “Amanda Waller is in the house.”
Sources- Mtv and Comicbook.com
You can hear Hans Zimmer’s score in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice on March 25, 2016 and
see Viola Davis as Amanda Waller in Suicide
in theaters August 5th, 2016

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