Rumor: LUCIFER Pilot Greenlit by Fox

It has been previously reported here that Fox TV is
interested in a pilot based on Lucifer.  The series would be produced by Tom Kapinos
(Californication) and based on the character as he appeared in the Neil Gaiman
run of Sandman and the spin-off
series written by Mike Carey.
Today, it has been reported by Bleeding Cool that the pilot
has been greenlit.  The pilot had
received a “put pilot commitment” meaning that Fox had all but guaranteed
the pilot would be filmed. 
As of writing, there does not seem to be any confirmation
either way but as soon as there is confirmation or denial Watchtower of Babel
will have the report.
As a special bonus, with the arrival of pilot season, I have
included a breakdown of how the pilot process works HERE.
Lucifer is in Development
by Warner Television and Fox.

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