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New Information About DC Universe; SWAMP THING is in its Own Universe

If there is anything DC fans were waiting for outside of the MARVEL-ous trailers that they showed, it was information about the upcoming streaming service, DC Universe, courtesy of Cnet.

If you have $8 per month, then DC Universe might be something for you since they will give you access to a ton of comics, animated movies or tv shows. But if you aren’t into that, don’t you worry. There will be live action products, with Titans being its flagship title on that area. If you are interested in getting it for a whole year, the cost will be $75.

DC Universe will also add some forums for fans to communicate with each other. DC says that these forums will be monitored, in an attempt to avoid toxicity that is often found rampantly in online fan discussions.

One of the big things that also crawled out from the marsh. While the upcoming Doom Patrol and Titans are going to be connected with each other, Swamp Thing will be set in its own universe.

Stay tuned for more as we have it.

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