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Recap: ARROW S7 E8 – Unmasked

Oliver is finally out of prison! So does that mean things will finally get back to normal? Of course not, what do you this is? The Flash? No, Arrow is operating on a whole other level. We open this episode to see the new Green Arrow training, and yes it is a female like I called back in episode 4Sea Shimooka plays the new GA but more on that later.

So, Oliver is back home and is suffering from PTSD. He freaks out when Felicity walks in on him taking a shower, but considering what happened in prison, you can’t really blame him. Ollie is making his first public appearance since being outed as Green Arrow, and he looks like a fish out of water. He even spaces out a couple of times. It’s an interesting take since his five years in hell were way worse than his time in prison. He’s reunited with Team Arrow and the big wigs of Star City. It’s great to see Team Arrow back together even if it was for one scene.

This episode finally gets back to the flash forwards, and we enter yet another fight club, that makes two already this season. We meet a new character named Maya (Black Star) played by Katherine McNamara. She’s a scrappy fighter who worked with Felicity just before she died. She was Felicity’s broker, giving her the items needed to make that bomb we discovered in episode 6 bomb. The entire story is really sketchy. These flashbacks are starting to feel a little forced. We don’t get nearly enough time to get invested, and the little time we do get, it’s mostly exposition. We do get this interesting tidbit though. The message Roy found in Oliver’s bow in episode 1. It was the mark of four. A symbol of true heroism. “Courage, Compassion, Selflessness, and Loyalty.” This is what prompted Roy and Dinah to help William. Will we see that turn come up in the present day?

Moving back to the present day, Oliver’s welcome home party gets attacked by a Green Arrow copycat [or a copycat of a copycat]. They end up killing two people. Leading to Ollie working with Rene and Dinah as they try and track down the Green Arrow. They eventually track her down, but of course, she gets away. Later on, Oliver and Felicity get attacked at their apartment. Ollie takes them down, but then Felicity pulls a gun on them and shoots a guy who was already beaten. This is Oliver’s first look at “gangster Felicity” and he is not a fan. This causes a rift between them because of what she’s become. This is also on Oliver for leaving his family open to get attacked by Diaz. Felicity had to adapt and learn how to survive on her own. It’ll take time but hopefully, they get over this hurdle.

As they try to stop these murders, Dinah deputizes Ollie so the boy can shoot arrows legally. They track down the copycat’s copycat at it turns out it was all set up by Max Fuller. A slimeball we see at the beginning of the episode. So, we get all of this sorted out in one episode making it feel like a one-off until we get to the final moments. We find out that the new Green Arrow is none other than Emiko Queen, Robert Queen’s daughter. How many siblings does Oliver have? Are they all above average archers? So many questions but so little time to get answers. We also get an amazing prologue to the Elseworlds event next week so this story will be taking a back seat.

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