Rumor: IRONHEART Movie in Development

If a tweet from The Black List is anything to go by, we might soon have another creation of Brian Michael Bendis’ on the big screen.

The Black List got a hold on a script about Ironheart (or Riri Williams as her civilian name is). Her first appearance was Invincible Iron Man Volume 2 in May 2016, with later taking on the mantle from Tony Stark – like Miles Morales taking the Spider-Man persona from Peter Parker. With Robert Downey Jr. expected to retire from the Iron Man role after Avengers 4, perhaps Marvel Studios is already lining up a replacement?

That Hashtag Show explains that for a screenwriter to put this script together, he/she would either have to own the IP or be commissioned by a studio. Jada Rodriguez doesn’t own the IP, so by that logic, she must have been hired by Marvel Studios to do Ironheart.

Obviously, this is far from confirmation. But this could be an indicator that Marvel is at least interested in bringing Ironheart to the MCU.

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