Arseface Cast For PREACHER Pilot

It seems that with the announcement of Ruth Negga joining
the cast of Preacher yesterday (HERE)
that the dam has broken.  Deadline
announced today that Ian Colletti has been cast as “Eugene Root” aka
Colletti has a diverse acting resume.  His first role was as “Joe’s
Friend” on Blues Clues.  He’s also appeared on an episode of The Sopranos and the films Phoebe in Wonderland and Baby Mama.  More recently he gained attention for his
role in the 2013 film Jimmy and his
time on the television series Rake
as Finn Deane.  (imdb)
Arseface was a young man from a broken home that tried to
emulate Kurt Cobain’s suicide.  He
survived the attempt and tried to move on with his life with a more positive
outlook, even after his mother abandons him and his father completely ignores
his existence.  After Jesse forces his
father to commit suicide, Eugene hunts Jesse down but eventually becomes a
traveling companion.  Later in the
comics, he becomes a famous singer (despite being unintelligible) before his
managers robs him of his money and leaves.
The producers describe his character in the pilot as earnest,
sweet and kind despite his worries that God’s abandoned him for an action in
his past.
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Source- Deadline
Preacher is in
development at Warner TV, Sony and AMC.

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