ARROW and GOTHAM Earn a Dubious Honor

As the year draws to a close, many websites are giving out
praise and attention to deserving television series and DC Entertainment’s
series have often found homes on these lists
However, it’s unlikely Warner, Fox or the CW are too happy about the
latest list Gotham and Arrow have landed on.
Torrentfreak.com has put out their annual list of the ten
most pirated television episodes for 2014. 
While the top of the list continues to belong to HBO’s Game of Thrones, Arrow and Gotham have
found themselves dead center in the list.

Gotham takes the fifth spot with an estimated 3.2 million downloads
for a single episode, right behind in the sixth position is Arrow with 2.9 million downloads for a
single episode.  This is compared to Gotham’s estimated 11.8 million US
viewers and Arrow’s 3.9 million.  Unfortunately, there are no official numbers
for legal downloads to compare with as those are not made public at this time.
It is also likely impossible to be able to determine if
these number represent separate viewers or if most of the people downloading
also watch the show.  Regardless, I very
much doubt these numbers are cause for anything but concern for the producers
of each series.
At the same time, being in the company of Rick Grimes,
Sheldon Cooper and the Starks and Lannisters is not a bad place to be.  If looked at purely as an indicator of
popularity, Gotham and Arrow can easily be declared hits.
That being said, I think I can speak for everyone at
Watchtower of Babel when I encourage people to continue to find ways to legally
support their favorite DC Properties.
So, are you excited as for the return of Gotham and Arrow as the pirates are? 
Let us know, HERE
Source- Torrentfreak
Gotham airs
Mondays on Fox.
Arrow airs
Wednesdays on the CW.
Both shows are offered on legal streaming services.

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