Tom Ellis Cast as LUCIFER in Fox’s DC Entertainment Pilot

As spring approaches, so does pilot season and as pilot
season approaches casting news is being announced.  We reported HERE that Fox has ordered a pilot
for Lucifer produced by Tom Kapinos,
Len Wiseman and Bruckheimer Television, today they announced that they’ve found
their series lead in Tom Ellis.

Born in Bangor, Wales Ellis is a longtime actor; he is best
known for his time on BBC’s East Enders as
Dr. Oliver.  He’s appeared on several
other BBC series as well; ranging from Miranda
to Poirot and Doctor Who.  He’s also
worked on American Television on ABC’s Once
Upon a Time
as Robin Hood and appeared with Anna Paquin and Joaquin Phoenix
in the 2001 film, Buffalo Soldiers.

Lucifer is based
on the exploits of the character as written by Neil Gaiman during his Sandman run.  Gaiman’s Lucifer also appeared in other DC
titles such as The Demon and The Spectre.   He grew tired of reigning over Hell and
abdicates his throne before traveling to Earth. 
He opens a piano bar in Los Angeles with the help of a consort, a
descendant of Lilith named Mazikeen.  The
book’s primary theme was the struggle between free will and predestination,
with Lucifer of course representing free will.

In the Fox series, after coming to Los Angeles Lucifer
decides to help the Los Angeles Police punish criminals seemingly for his own

Come back to Watchtower of Babel for more Lucifer news as it
becomes available.

Lucifer is in
Development at Warner Television and Fox.

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