Holy Guacamole, Batman! Adam West and Burt Ward to Reprise BATMAN ’66 Roles in New Animated Movie(s)

The 1966 Batman television series has been beloved by fans for decades, and the show was finally released in its entirety on Blu-Ray and DVD last year. New merchandising, such as action figures, were also rolling out beginning the year before. Adam West’s Batman and Burt Ward’s Robin have cemented the Dark Knight’s status as a cultural icon, and now, it looks like they will be returning to the roles in an interesting way.

At the Mad Monster Party recently, West and Ward revealed that they will be reprising their iconic roles in a 90 minute Batman animated movie. The plan is to release the film during the 50th anniversary of the series in 2016 – the same year that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be released. Ward suggests that there could actually be two movies released, but “for sure” one. Presumably, this will be a part of DC’s direct-to-DVD animated film slate for next year.

Check out the video clip from the Mad Monster Party below, and stay tuned for more news as we have it.

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