DOCTOR WHO Actor Joins Cast of FLASH/ARROW Spin-Off as Rip Hunter

Following on the news that Ciara Renee has been cast as
Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl in CW’s Untitled
Flash/Arrow Spinoff
, The Wrap has reported that Doctor Who Alumnus, Arthur
Darvill has also been cast as “Rip Hunter.”

Darvill is a native of Birmingham, England.  After several roles in British Television and
a part in Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood,
Darvill came to most people’s attention for his long stint on the BBC-series Doctor Who.  He played “Rory Williams;” the
long-time friend and eventual husband of the Doctor’s Companion, Amelia Pond.  Though he started as a nurse and mild rival
of The Doctor for Amy’s affections he quickly became considerably more
complicated.  (imdb)
Some of the highlights include: Killed in Amy’s dream then
wiped from existence (and Amy’s Memory) by a crack in time, he returns as a
robot Roman Centurion with all of Rory’s memories who protects a device called
the Pandorica for centuries.  He later
marries Amy and the two have a daughter who is abducted and later returns as
the future Time Traveller, River Song.
His part on Doctor
makes him uniquely qualified to play Rip Hunter.  Hunter was introduced in the 1957 run of Challengers of the Unknown as a time traveler
from the future that had many appearances all over DC Comics prior to the
Crisis Reboot.  After the Crisis, he
started having run-ins with another time traveler from the future turned hero,
Booster Gold.  Hunter serves as a boss
and mentor to Booster and it is eventually revealed that he is in fact;
Booster’s son that is trying to protect his existence by protecting Booster.
According to The Wrap, it looks like that part of the
character will be explored as Rip Hunter is described as: “A roguish time traveler who hides the
strains of being responsible for history itself behind a facade of charm and
Source- The Wrap
The Untitled
Flash/Arrow Spin-off
is in development at Warner Television and the CW

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