ARROW's David Ramsey Talks Diggle's Future

Arrow’s David
Ramsey appeared a few days back at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo and
talked to fans about the show. 
Considering the sheer amount DC Comics Movie news and teases and
controversy to hit the internet it seems this flew a bit under the radar.
Ramsey told fans about the final push of the season: he said
that he and Felicity would strengthen their bond over the events that play out
which we have already seen start to play out. 
He also said that the actions of Ra’s al Ghul will continue to have an
impact on season four and considering that Oliver has joined the League of
Assassins to take the place of Ra’s that’s probably an understatement.
Ramsey also touched on the rumor that he was slated to become
a Green Lantern saying the heart of the show has been the bond between Oliver,
Diggle and Felicity and if he’d become a Green Lantern that might damage that
When the talk turned to the upcoming season of Arrow, Ramsey gave fans some
tidbits.  Ramsey said he was slated to
appear in the upcoming Arrow/Flash
, which he referred to as “Legends” several times. 
When it comes specifically to Diggle, Ramsey said his character will
undergo some changes.  He’s referring to
them as “Dig 2.0” and they might include a costume.  Ramsey even admitted that he’s done some 3D
scans and fittings for a costume.
With the Season Finale looming, it will be interesting to
see how Ramsey’s promises play out but with much of his talk dealing with next
season we’re in for a bit of a wait.
Arrow airs
Wednesdays on the CW 8E and is available streaming.
The Untitled
Flash/Arrow Spin-off
is in development at Warner Television and the CW

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