Rumor: Julie Newmar to Reprise Catwoman Role in BATMAN '66 Animated Movie

Much to fans’ delight, news recently broke that Adam West
and Burt Ward were lending their voices to an animated Batman movie schedule to come out next year for the Fiftieth Anniversary
of Batman. As though the reunion of
the Dynamic Duo wasn’t good enough, Ward and West will be joined by the
original Catwoman herself, Julie Newmar.
Newmar was the first of three actresses to play the iconic
villain and her chemistry with Adam West quickly made her a popular guest on the
series.  Due to the very demanding
shooting schedule of television at the time, Lee Meriweather played Catwoman in
the Batman movie which was filmed between seasons one and two of the television
series. Eartha Kitt took up the mantle of Gotham’s Feline Fatale in the series third
13th Dimension’s Dan Greenfield broke the story
earlier today and while Warner Brothers is not commenting, Mr. Greenfield
claims that his source is trustworthy.  If
true this would be the second time lent her voice to an animated Batman as she
once played Martha Wayne in the episode Batman:
The Brave and the Bold
episode, “Child of the Night!”  (imdb)
Personally, I’m very hopeful this story pans out but
Watchtower of Babel will continue to check for confirmation.
Source – 13th Dimension

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