WONDER WOMAN Testing Actors for Steve Trevor Role (No Scott Eastwood); Possible Details on Michelle MacLaren’s Departure

Yesterday, it was announced that director Michelle MacLaren has dropped out of Warner Bros.’ Wonder Woman movie, citing “creative differences” with the studio. Nevertheless, the 2017 film is expected to move forward, with Gal Gadot set to star and Jason Fuchs attached to write the script. Now, a new report sheds some light into the pre-production process and where the movie is in casting its leads.

According to Variety, Wonder Woman is looking to test four actors for the male lead, who is love interest Steve Trevor. Scott Eastwood’s role in the Suicide Squad film was rumored to be Trevor, but the trade now says that this rumor is false. Meanwhile, the studio was looking to fill other roles in the pre-production process. While MacLaren’s exit may delay some casting, don’t expect a huge delay in the movie’s development.

In other Wonder Woman news, Badass Digest has apparently received details on exactly why MacLaren dropped out of the film. Reportedly, the director and WB “couldn’t agree on anything” in making the movie, which makes sense considering the “creative differences” statement. One of these disagreements was regarding which time period to set Wonder Woman in.

Additionally, MacLaren’s ideas likely would have alienated fans. One of these was to give Diana a sidekick in the form of…a tiger that she could talk to. Yeah, that does sound odd for a Wonder Woman movie. With MacLaren out of the picture, it wouldn’t be surprising if most, if not all, of her story ideas are scrapped and replaced with new ones once another director is hired.

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