Brad Peyton Expresses Interest in Directing a SUPERMAN Film; Carla Gugino Up for Another DC Movie Role

San Andreas director Brad Peyton was previously attached to helm a Lobo movie for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, but the project was shelved. However, he is still interested in tackling a DC film.

Speaking with Digital Spy, the director reveals that he would love to take on a Superman movie. While he admits that Batman is “super cool,” Peyton admits that if he had his choice of DC characters, he would direct Superman, explaining his love of the iconic Clark Kent/Lois Lane dynamic.

A standalone sequel to Man of Steel is currently in the works, expected to be released sometime between 2016 and 2020. Zack Snyder is set to direct Justice League Part One and Part Two, so he might be too busy to helm Man of Steel 2 if WB wishes to release it sooner than later. Maybe Peyton could get his shot then? Or, perhaps he could direct Shazam, which will see his San Andreas and Journey 2 star Dwayne Johnson play Black Adam.

Another comic book movie player in San Andreas is Carla Gugino, whose credits include Sin City, Watchmen and a voice role in Man of Steel. However, during her interview with Digital Spy, she expressed interest in reteaming with Zack Snyder for another role in the DC Cinematic Universe. While she is eager to return to this world, she is not exactly sure which character she should play.

Who do you think Carla Gugino should play in the DC movie universe? And should Brad Peyton direct the next Superman film or another DC installment?

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