Possible New Details on AQUAMAN’s Villain and Mera; More on Diversity in the DC Extended Universe

JoBlo is back with another DC Extended Universe scoop. The site offers potential new details on 2018’s Aquaman movie. Who is the primary villain? How will Mera play into the film? What type of actress is Warner Bros. seeking for this role?

  • Perhaps unsurprisingly, the main villain of Aquaman will be Ocean Master, aka Orm, aka Aquaman’s half-brother. Their conflict in the movie is said to be similar to their multiple showdowns in the comics, as they fight for the throne of Atlantis. Exact story details are unconfirmed, since the script is still being written.
  • In this film, Mera will be a “force to be reckoned with” and not a damsel in distress. JoBlo compares her relationship to Aquaman to the partnership between Max and Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Meanwhile, the studio is also looking to cast a “non-white” actress for this role, which makes sense given Jason “Aquaman” Momoa’s mixed race status. So, if you were hoping for someone like Jessica Chastain to play Mera, looks like it’s not happening.
JoBlo also offers insight into the DCEU’s approach to diversity, revealing new details on some planned movies. Two of these movies have yet to be officially announced by the studio. You can check out all of the details below.
  • One way WB intends to diversify the DC movie slate is to have a number of different team-up films, rather than the common solo flicks. This is a trend that Marvel Studios has been implementing more and more, so it makes sense for WB/DC to do something similar. We already knew that the studio was developing team films such as Justice League Dark, Booster Gold/Blue Beetle and Green Lantern Corps, in addition to the Justice League and Suicide Squad movies.
  • Speaking of Green Lantern Corps, JoBlo describes that film as “Hal Jordan and John Stewart in a ‘Lethal Weapon in space’ team-up.” We already heard before that the 2020 movie would star more than one human Green Lantern, and this latest report only reaffirms that.
  • As we heard earlier this week, a Birds of Prey movie is said to be in development. This film would feature an all-female team of superheroes, such as Black Canary (rumored to be appearing in Justice League) and Batgirl/Oracle (rumored to be played by Jena Malone in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice).
  • Also: the studio is apparently considering a Teen Titans movie. It’s possible that this one could merge with 2020’s Cyborg, instead of giving Victor Stone is own solo feature. Perhaps this is a factor into why TNT’s Titans television series has yet to enter production?
  • Finally, according to JoBlo, WB is “seriously” considering having at least one major homosexual character in the DCEU. But, that is not set in stone yet.
This all has yet to be confirmed officially, but it makes sense Warner Bros. is in the process of building a diverse superhero universe, and it is critical for the studio to make the DCEU stand out from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as other competitors. Expect more news to come soon.

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