SHAZAM Will Be Released Before 2019, Says Dwayne Johnson

Earlier this year, Dwayne Johnson suggested that Warner Bros./DC Entertainment’s Shazam will be released sooner than its current April 5th, 2019 release date. Johnson will play antihero Black Adam in the film, a casting choice that fans – including the actor himself – have wanted to see happen for years. So, the thought of an earlier release for the movie is nothing but a good sign. And now, “The Rock” has confirmed that Shazam will indeed be in theaters sooner than expected.

Speaking with La Cosa (via ComicBook.com), Johnson offered an update on the DC Comics adaptation. He reaffirmed that the script is consistently improving, and he discusses his first time playing a comic book hero. Unsurprisingly, he also hopes that Shazam will launch a new franchise. Most significantly, however, Johnson comments on the chances of the movie coming out before 2019. “No, I don’t think it is going to be that far away. It’s going to be earlier than that. I don’t think 2019.”

So, where else could Shazam fit into WB’s DC schedule? While 2018-2020 have movies slated for the spring, 2017 does not. That year will see the release of Wonder Woman in June and Justice League Part One in November. Maybe Shazam could be squeezed in, upping the DC movie total to three per year. 2018 is another option, with The Flash set for March and Aquaman for July.

Hopefully, we’ll get an updated DC movie schedule sooner than later. Stay tuned for more as we have it.

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