FEATURE: Five Ideas For More THE FLASH/ARROW Spin-Offs

When Arrow first premiered on The CW in 2012, few could predict its success. Originally conceived as a darker and realistic take on Green Arrow, the series went on to spin off The Flash into his own show, allowing metahumans and time travel to come into this universe. Early next year, a third series, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, will team up supporting characters from both shows, such as Atom, Firestorm and Captain Cold. Many characters have been introduced and will continue to be, expanding the network’s acclaimed take on the DC Universe.

Of course, the potential doesn’t stop there. There are many characters, heroes and villains, introduced in the Arrow-verse who could each hold their own spin-off series. Below, I’ve listed five possible shows that could further expand this universe.

[Warning: The Following Contains SPOILERS From Recent Episodes Of Arrow And The Flash.]

The League of Assassins
After being teased heavily in the first two seasons, Ra’s al Ghul and the League of Assassins finally made their presence felt in season three of Arrow. The finale ended with Oliver Queen killing Ra’s in battle, but instead of taking his place – which was the Demon’s Head’s goal – he gave the position to Malcolm Merlyn. Thus, the former Dark Archer is now in control of the League.
I personally thought this season of Arrow did not explore the Ra’s al Ghul mythology as much as I would have liked. A spin-off series (or miniseries) focused on the League would rectify that. It could be a prequel with Matt Nable reprising the role of Ra’s, or it could pick up where season three left off and star Merlyn. The finale ended with Nyssa vowing to exact vengeance upon him for killing Sara Lance; perhaps a League of Assassins series would pick up on that plot point, especially if the next season of Arrow won’t. 
Hawkman is one of DC’s more fascinating characters. However, he has received very little love in live action, and he is currently not a part of the company’s future film or television plans (so far). However, Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl, a frequent love interest of Hawkman, will star in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. So, that part of the mythology does exist in the Arrow-verse. And who’s to say that Carter Hall (or another person) won’t take flight sooner or later in this universe?
Having Hawkman guest star on Arrow, The Flash and/or Legends of Tomorrow before headlining his own series would be ideal. He is a great character whose mythos deserve to be adapted to live action. A Hawkman show would also explore a different corner of this universe; seeing the world of Thanagar come to life would be amazing.
Slade Wilson is without a doubt one of the biggest highlights of Arrow‘s entire run so far. He stole every scene he was in during season two, and seeing him take on the identity of Deathstroke was awesome. However, his return in an episode of season three was arguably disappointing. For such a triumphant return, his screentime was cut short and he was taken down by Oliver and Thea Queen too easily. Even actor Manu Bennett was not fond of the direction Slade was taken in, and he showed little interest in reprising the role.
However, if he does return to the role, a Deathstroke spin-off series starring Bennett would be awesome, and it could redeem the flaws of his characterization thus far. Theoretically, it would revolve around him escaping (or being freed) from his prison in Lian Yu, and he goes on to become a bounty hunter, like the original version. 
Slade is a very charismatic villain who could easily hold his own series. Besides, if the Arrow producers are interested in making a series from the POV of the villain, Deathstroke would be an obvious option. Especially since a Suicide Squad show is unlikely.
Birds of Prey
A Birds of Prey series was produced back in 2002, but it was cancelled after mediocre ratings. However, there is certainly potential for a relaunched version spinning off from Arrow. That series has introduced Huntress and Katana (who returned to a “life of solitude” in the season three finale), as well as Laurel Lance becoming the Black Canary. With Sara Lance being resurrected as White Canary for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, perhaps she could have a role to play as well.
All these and other characters could easily make up the cast of a new Birds of Prey show. Additionally, perhaps Felicity Smoak could fill the Oracle role, something that has been suggested frequently. With The CW producing multiple DC shows set in the Arrow-verse, it would be nice to see one that stars a female-led series. And Birds of Prey can do just that.
Green Lantern
And finally, we have the Green Lantern himself. Coast City and Ferris Air have been referenced repeatedly on both The Flash and Arrow. The former referenced a “test pilot” from Ferris Air who disappeared (it has to be Hal Jordan, right?), while in the latter, it looks like Oliver will be in Coast City during next season’s flashbacks. So, seeing Jordan sooner or later in this universe is inevitable. And when he does, could he go on to star in a Green Lantern series?
There are a couple of potential roadblocks, though. Firstly, the visual effects would have to look very convincing, and it may be too much for The CW. But The Flash has been killing it in that department – its CGI is practically movie quality at times – so if they can pull off Green Lantern, then do it. Another thing that could keep a Green Lantern show from happening is the fact that he will be a member of the big screen Justice League, with a solo movie scheduled for 2020. However, The Flash also has a movie coming out, and he still has a TV series. So, who knows.
Regardless, if they can pull it off, Green Lantern on the small screen would be amazing. It could add a totally new aspect to this universe: space, aliens, etc. It would introduce the cosmic side of the Arrow-verse, and its episodic format would suit the mythos very well. Out of all of the options on this list, this is one I hope happens.
Honorable Mentions: Reverse-Flash, Booster Gold, Firestorm, Titans, Martian Manhunter
Which spin-off series from The Flash/Arrow would you like to see next?

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