AGENT CARTER Alum Heads to GOTHAM as Season 2 Villain

With all this Arrow
and Flash news in the last few days,
things have been relatively quiet over on Gotham.  How about some casting news?  Word is coming from TV Line that one of next
year’s villains will be Theo Galavan played by English Actor, James Frain.
Frain was born in Leeds in 1968 and since breaking into film
and television in 1993 on the British military drama, Soldier, Soldier he’s amassed a huge résumé.  He’s appeared on television shows like Tales From the Crypt, 24 and Fringe however most may know him as “Thomas Cromwell” for
three seasons of The Tudors. (Fun
fact; Cromwell’s role in Henry VIII’s Court might have inspired the character “Littlefinger”
in George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and
.)  More recently, Frain appeared
in the BBC series, Orphan Black and the
Marvel limited series, Agent Carter as
“Leet Brannis.” (imdb)
Theo Galavan is the brother of Tabitha Galavan; she is one
of several characters to be called “Tigress.”  For the most, part they have all been
villains in the comics.  Most fans will
know the third Tigress, Artemis Crock, as she was reimagined as Green Arrow’s protégé
in Young Justice.  The role of Tabitha Galavan has not been
Theo is described as: “a sexy, heroic, billionaire industrialist who’s new to the city and
Gotham is happy to have him. But his philanthropy covers a centuries-old
vendetta, and he and Tabitha — to whom he’s very devoted — have violent,
chaotic plans for the city they’re planning to destroy
Season two of Gotham
premieres Monday, September 21st.
Source- TV Line

Gotham airs
Mondays on Fox and is available for streaming.
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