First Look at Oliver’s New [Green] ARROW Costume; Anarky and Mister Terrific Coming to Season 4

After Oliver Queen retired as The Arrow in the Arrow season three finale, star Stephen Amell said that that persona is indeed dead, and he will no longer put on the costume. However, this would be a perfect lead-in to Ollie fully embracing the Green Arrow persona. And it looks like that will happen.

During Arrow‘s Comic-Con panel last night, The CW unveiled a first look at Oliver’s new suit. It definitely looks much closer to the comic book look, signaling the character’s transition to Green Arrow. Amell even appeared on stage wearing this costume.

At the panel, executive producer Greg Berlanti confirmed that this is the next stage in the evolution from The Arrow to Green Arrow. Amell also confirms that Starling City will be renamed Star City, like the comics. And, as previously announced, this season will have a little more humor than usual.

The Arrow crew also teased the introduction of new characters for season four. DC villain Anarky will make his presence felt in Star City, as well as hero Mister Terrific. This iteration of the latter is a homosexual, and he gets to work with Felicity Smoak.

Already confirmed to be a big villain this season is Damien Darhk, played by Neal McDonough. This character, a rival of the late Ra’s al Ghul and the leader of HIVE, was set up in the Arrow season three finale. Geoff Johns said that another “big” antagonist is coming up, along with other unexpected characters.

Stay tuned for more news as we have it. Arrow returns to The CW on October 7th.

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