Big Bad for THE FLASH Season Two Revealed; Jay Garrick, Patty Spivot and More Confirmed

The Flash held its Comic-Con 2015 panel last night, and plenty of new details regarding its second season were revealed. The show’s crew confirmed that original Flash Jay Garrick will indeed appear next season, after an Easter egg in the season one finale. Garrick, played by Masters of Sex‘s Teddy Sears, is described as “a mysterious figure who arrives in Central City to warn Barry Allen and his team at S.T.A.R. Labs of an impending danger that he alone cannot hope to stop.” He will be one of several characters this season who will originate from Earth 2.

Also cast for The Flash season two is Patty Spivot, who will be played by The Messengers‘s Shantel VanSanten. This iteration of Spivot is described as “a police officer and science enthusiast who catches the eye of Barry Allen. Patty is obsessed with metahumans and partners with Det. Joe West this season but has no idea that her new crush is The Flash.” Also set to appear this season is fan-favorite speedster Wally West, but his casting was not announced at the panel.

Season two’s big bad will be yet another speedster. At the panel, it was confirmed that the main villain of The Flash‘s second season will be Zoom, a “terrifying” adversary who is faster than Flash and even Reverse-Flash. Not to be confused with Professor Zoom – another name used by season one big bad Eobard Thawne – Zoom is likely the alias of Hunter Zolomon, as it was in the comics. Casting for this character was not announced last night either.

Talk then turned to what other villains will feature. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg confirmed that Gorilla Grodd will return to The Flash next season, and that there will be an episode focused on Captain Cold and Golden Glider. There are also a couple other villains coming up, but they can’t be revealed yet.

Click here for even more teases about The Flash season two, which will premiere on The CW on October 6th. Stay tuned for more as we have it.

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