Barry Allen is Getting a New Love Interest in THE FLASH Season Two

The season one finale for The Flash ended on an electrifying cliffhanger, leaving fans highly anticipating the season two premiere. Not much is known about the next season; villains such as Mirror Master are expected to appear, while more speedsters will feature. The Multiverse is also coming onto the show. And following the events of the finale, will Barry and Iris move forward with their relationship? A new report suggests that they will not right away.

According to TV Line, The CW is casting a “major” recurring character for season two of The Flash. This character is called Wendy, a cop in the Central City PD described as “spunky, fun and funny,” as well as “bright and scientific.” She makes her debut on The Flash in the season’s second episode. The casting call compares Wendy to Arrow‘s Felicity Smoak. Fingers crossed that this character will not be unbearably emotional like Felicity was in Arrow‘s third season.

Barry Allen has had a hit-and-miss love life since The Flash premiered. His love for Iris was put into question when she began dating Eddie, while romantic tension between him and Felicity led to nowhere, He dated Linda Park for a while, but that didn’t work. And, assuming that Barry/Iris is still “endgame,” his relationship with Wendy (or whatever her real name ends up being) will not last either.

Stay tuned for more as we have it. The Flash returns to The CW this fall.

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