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FEATURE: Five Characters We Want to See in DEADPOOL 3

Deadpool is already one of the biggest superhero franchises in recent memory, with the 2016 movie being a big hit and this summer’s sequel looking to be even bigger. While Deadpool will appear in X-Force, star Ryan Reynolds has sounded less optimistic about a third solo film, But if Deadpool 2 makes all the money (it will), then surely Fox will pursue another movie.

If Deadpool 3 does happen, here are some characters we’d love to see…

Fox has been trying to get a Gambit movie starring Channing Tatum off the ground for years. The film has struggled to lock down a director, and the release date keeps getting pushed back. While it’s scheduled to come out next year and is approaching directors, it’s easy to be skeptical. If Gambit is still in development hell a few years from now, why not just introduce the character in the next Deadpool movie?
Deadpool 3 could be a good launching pad for Gambit, having audiences on board with him before spinning him off. Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds and Channing Tatum could have some really good chemistry. As for a potential story, Marvel recently published a comic called Deadpool V Gambit, so maybe a movie could take some notes from that.
Taskmaster is a tactician who has served as both a villain and antihero in the comics. He is known for his ability to perfectly mimic the physical movements of anybody, making him a formidable opponent hand-to-hand. He is also a frequent enemy/ally to Deadpool. Last we heard, Taskmaster’s film rights allegedly reverted from Fox to Marvel.
Since Taskmaster is a regular face in Deadpool’s world, it’d make sense to put him in the next solo movie. He’d be a real physical foe for the Merc with a Mouth, while his costume design would look really cool on film. With Taskmaster seemingly under the Marvel Studios umbrella now, we might have to wait until Disney’s planned Fox acquisition goes through…
Nick Fury
Speaking of Disney’s Fox acquisition, the deal (IF it goes through) will allow Marvel to integrate Deadpool and other characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thus, any future Deadpool movies could bring in established MCU characters if they wanted to. And there are few options more obvious than Nick Fury.
Samuel L. Jackson’s former S.H.I.E.L.D. director has played a big role in the MCU from the beginning, assembling the Avengers and serving as connective glue between films. So, seeing him alongside Deadpool would really help the character’s transition into the universe. My pitch? Do a parody of the Iron Man post-credits scene, where Fury tries to recruit Deadpool for a team. But then Deadpool obscenely refuses in….classic Deadpool form.
Deadpool is part of many fan-favorite pairings in the comics, with many of them in the MCU. But, again, if the deal goes through, Marvel can make those pairings happen. A big one is none other than Spider-Man, currently played by Tom Holland in the MCU. Already hailed by many as the best Spidey so far, Holland has nailed the character’s youthfulness and interactions with other heroes. It’d be natural for that to continue with Deadpool.
Considering Marvel’s current deal with Sony, that studio would have to approve Spider-Man’s placement in a Deadpool movie. But the two characters would have perfect chemistry, and it’d bring a beloved team-up to the big screen. And sure, they would have to address Deadpool’s adult-oriented tone in a movie with a super kid-friendly hero. But if they can make that work, then go for it.
And finally, we have what may be another long shot. Look, I know that Hugh Jackman has formally retired from the role. I also know that Fox isn’t planning on recasting the role anytime soon. But if they do decide to bring Logan back to the big screen – with or without Jackman – Deadpool 3 could be the place to do it.
A Wolverine/Deadpool teamup is something fans have wanted for a long time. Just bring in Wolverine with a comic-accurate costume, slice some people up, and boom. If they recast, Wade can break the fourth wall on how he doesn’t look like Jackman or something. Also, since Wolverine was established in an R-rated context with Logan, I’d prefer to see that continue for any reboot. And for a reboot to place Logan in the MCU, this wouldn’t be a bad idea.
Honorable Mentions: Iron Man, Professor X, Multiple Man, Thanos, X-23

Which character(s) do you want to see in Deadpool 3?

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