Victor Garber Teases the Future of Firestorm on THE FLASH and DC's LEGENDS OF TOMORROW

As Dr. Martin Stein on The
, veteran actor Victor Garber has quickly become a fan-favorite.  As season two of The Flash and the upcoming spinoff Legends of Tomorrow go into production The Hollywood Reporter
talked with the actor about his role on both series.
Filling some of the void left when Tom Cavanagh is revealed
to be the villain, Garber took over as chief-explainer of science in the final
two episodes of the season.  He’s also
been announced as a series regular on Legends
of Tomorrow
but one of the mysteries fans have been left with is his other
half, Robbie Amell, has not been announced for the show.
Garber told THR that Amell will appear in the Season Two
premiere and promised that the first half of the seasons of both Arrow and The Flash would serve as an explanation for that.  Garber also implied that Arthur Darvill will
appear as Rip Hunter to set up his role on Legends
of Tomorrow
When asked about LoT
Garber stated that the series will not be a miniseries or limited series.  He says that the fun of the show will come
from putting characters like Firestorm, Hawkgirl and Captain Cold on the same
team saying: “That’s going to be fun
of it. We’re all these characters put together and we will see how we all
function and try to do something together.
Garber then says that one of the fun parts for him
personally is being able to play a heroic character without putting on an
uncomfortable costume or spend hours in makeup every day.  He quipped that “Nobody wants to see that, especially me.

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