Hawkgirl Will Be Featured in THE FLASH Season Two

While most of us were spending Saturday trying to figure out
how to live in a world where “The red capes are coming” the CW/DC
Universe was continuing to push forward. 
Last night, the DC/TV panel provided an opportunity for the fans and the
press to get to know what will come from them in 2015 and 2016, and Zap2It had
the chance to talk TV’s new Hawkgirl, Ciara Renee.
All but one of her cast mates have been introduced already
(the only other character that has not appeared thus far was Arthur Darvill’s
Rip Hunter) so her character is still a mystery and a blank slate.  However, Renee will have the opportunity to
explore her character soon and fans will get a chance to meet her before Legends of Tomorrow premiere as she
will be guest starring in season two of the Flash.
Renee is excited to see what the producers have in store for
her, though she did mention that; “I
know she gets reincarnated, so hopefully we kind of get to see some of her past
I think that would be
Marc Guggenheim also weighed in when he said, “One of the reasons why we’re doing the show
as a midseason is there’s a lot of, what I call, table-setting to be done with Arrow and Flash.  Kendra Saunders, who
becomes Hawkgirl, is going to have plenty of those moments leading up to the
launch of Legends.
You can see her brief interview, HERE
Source- Zap2It
Ciara Renee’s “Kendra Saunders” joins Jay Garrick,
Patty Spivot and “Zoom” when Season Two of The Flash returns to the CW October 6th.
She then joins the cast of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow in 2016.

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