OFFICIAL: Watchtower of Babel News Announces Partnership with Not Yet Rated

With the recent relaunch of Not Yet Rated, a new movie news and reviews website, we at Watchtower of Babel News are pleased to today announce our partnership. The goal is to create the perfect site for movie news, reviews, editorials, and more.

Under this deal, the writing staff for Watchtower of Babel News – which consists of John Matthews, Jason Thompson, ABARy, Michael Thomas, Stephen Colbert, and owner Paul Romano – will provide movie news for Not Yet Rated.

To visit the revamped Not Yet Rated, click here. There will be more info to come.

About Not Yet Rated
Not Yet Rated was created by Colin M, Aaron Smith, and Dan Doherty with the intention of being much more simplistic and modern than other movie websites. Our goal is to keep you up to date with latest movie news and reviews and to share with you the opinions of our amazing writers in the form of editorials.

About Watchtower of Babel News

Launched in December 2013, Watchtower of Babel News is dedicated to bringing readers the latest major news, rumors and announcements for projects from DC Entertainment. The site covers news on movie, television and video game adaptations from the company. More DC properties are coming to the big and small screens than ever before, making Watchtower of Babel News a site to read to stay caught up on news surrounding these projects.

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