Robert Zemeckis Says There’s “No Need” for Him to Direct a DC Comics Movie…Or Any Superhero Movie for That Matter

Robert Zemeckis has directed some of the most iconic movies in the past few decades. His impressive filmography includes Forrest Gump, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and, of course, the Back to the Future trilogy. More recently, he has directed films such as Beowulf, Flight, and this weekend’s new release, The Walk. But will he ever tackle a superhero movie, such as one of Warner Bros.’ DC films? Don’t count on it.

Speaking with Digital Spy, Zemeckis shares his thoughts on the increase in big-budget movies in recent years, including comic book films, as well as what it means for middle-budget films. “The mid-budget movie is no man’s land because you can’t make one with an A-list cast, A-list director or A-list effects to keep it in the mid-range. We’ve got this polarised industry where we have really, really low budget movies and these ridiculously expensive comic book movies. That’s the spectrum now with nothing in the middle.” 

He adds that he has been offered superhero movies from both Warner Bros. and Marvel Studios, but he doesn’t sound particularly interested in the idea, calling it “bad business.” “They don’t need a director like me to make those. Why would they want to engage me in that when it doesn’t matter who the director is?” Fair point.

Recently, Steven Spielberg predicted that superhero movies will one day go the way of the Western genre. Zemeckis expresses his opinion on that statement, saying that the comic book genre will be popular for as long as it is supported by audiences. “As long as they keep making money they’ll always be there. When they start to crash, they’ll go away very quickly. By the way, the only people who control that is the audience. The reason they make them is because they travel very well internationally.” 

Overall, some very interesting thoughts on the comic book movie genre from one of the most recognizable directors of our time. A few years ago, Zemeckis admitted that he passed on the chance to direct Man of Steel, before Zack Snyder landed the job. While it is disappointing that he will probably never direct a superhero film, Zemeckis already has an outstanding filmography that doesn’t even need it.

For the rest of Digital Spy’s interview with Zemeckis, where he shares his thoughts on Back to the Future 4 and making The Walk, click the link above.

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