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Review: DRAGON BALL HEROES Episode 3

I don’t
know if I should laugh or not considering
what I wrote in my episode two review, which you can find HERE. There, I mention how every episode should premiere closer to each other, and after that, Toei Animation waits, about two months, instead of the two weeks that we had last
time. I know that you probably won’t read this Toei, but if your main focus is on Dragon
Ball Super Broly
, why didn’t you wait
with this then?

It’s quite clear that their main focus is on the movie, considering the animation
is for this episode is BAD. Some scenes reminded me of when Berus fought Goku at
the beginning of Dragon Ball Super. Yes, I know that it’s not a light statement
to make, but I stand firmly by my words. Seeing the Final Kamehameha again was
just so disappointing due to the lackluster animation.

The only thing that this episode had going for it is one thing – the voice acting. The voice acting is

I will end with this Toei. Step up your game here. Just because Dragon
Ball Heroes
is created to be a promotional tie-in doesn’t mean you should screw it up and give half effort. This could be so much better than it is. 

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