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Five Predictions for The CW’s CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS

Following this year’s Elseworlds, The CW is prepping for its biggest Arrowverse crossover yet in 2019’s Crisis on Infinite Earths. Based on the comic of the same name, this is the event that the shows have been building up to for years. The comic saw the deaths of iconic heroes, the merging of worlds, and so much more.

We have a year to speculate exactly how the Arrowverse will tackle this story. The story is expected to see Green Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl – likely alongside allies like Batwoman and the Legends – face off against the fearsome Anti-Monitor. Today, we have five predictions for what will go down.

[Warning: The Following Contains SPOILERS for Elseworlds and This Season of The Flash.]

5. Earth-1 and Earth-38 (Among Others) Will Merge

Going to get the obvious one out of the way. Crisis on Infinite Earths‘ biggest impact on the DC Universe is the consolidation of its continuity. Basically, the entire Multiverse is merged into one Earth. It’s easy to see the Arrowverse doing something similar. Despite multiple crossovers, Supergirl is still set on Earth-38. Merging at least her Earth with Earth-1 would make crossovers easier. They can also merge other Earths, be it Earth-2 or Earth-90. If The CW sought to do anything of this scale, then the time is now.

4. Black Lightning Joins the Arrowverse

Crisis on Infinite Earths can also set the stage to add yet another show to the Arrowverse. Despite being on The CW, Black Lightning has committed to being separate from everything else. In fact, the series films in Atlanta, while the other shows shoot in Vancouver. It’s unclear if Black Lightning is set on Earth-1 or another Earth entirely. But if it’s the latter, then Crisis can integrate into the Arrowverse properly. It can help streamline every CW DC show into a single continuity. And that’s not to mention the excitement of seeing Jefferson Pierce meet Barry Allen and Oliver Queen. This is an awesome opportunity, and here’s hoping that they take it.

3. Superman Will Die

In the Crisis on Infinite Earths comic, Supergirl died. The character nearly had the same fate in Elseworlds until Oliver Queen struck a deal with The Monitor. So, next year, what if the roles are reversed and Superman is the one to die? Taking the Man of Steel out would be a huge blow, and it would immediately establish the Anti-Monitor as a force to be reckoned with. Plus, Superman has had little screentime on these shows, often being downplayed as a Supergirl supporting character. Last we saw, he and Lois Lane moved to Argo City to raise their child. But after that, have him come back to Earth and meet his maker.

2. The Flash’s Future Will Change

The Flash has been teasing Barry Allen’s disappearance since the pilot. According to the newspaper, a Crisis with red skies resulted in the Fastest Man Alive going missing in 2024, and as of 2049, he never makes it back. However, Nora West-Allen is in the present to attempt to change that. Assuming that Crisis on Infinite Earths is the Crisis that is referenced here, something has changed. It’s now happening five years earlier than expected. And with The Monitor sparing Barry in Elseworlds, will he still suffer a similar fate one year later? I don’t know how much exactly will change, but some things will definitely be different from what we’ve expected.

1. Oliver Queen Will Die

Now, for the big one. Oliver struck some sort of deal with The Monitor to save Barry and Kara in Elseworlds, and while it was left unclear, it’s easy to see what it could be. A life for a life is the most obvious idea. Not to mention, Oliver’s toast about appreciating what you have while you still have it is…ominous. My prediction is that Oliver trades his life for Barry’s to save Earth-1. It will mark the end of Arrow, with this season or next season being its last. And there’s little way to establish this crossover as a big deal by killing off the face of the franchise. As for whether Oliver’s death will be permanent? Well, anything can happen…
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