Stephen Amell Teases Arrival of a Relative of Slade Wilson on ARROW This Season

Slade Wilson/Deathstroke was clearly one of the most memorable things about the first two seasons of Arrow. Despite his underwhelming episode in season three, there is hope that the villain will return again at some point in the future. However, could another member of the Wilson family be coming to Star City instead this season?

At Wizard World this weekend (via ComicBook.com), Arrow star Stephen Amell commented on the subject of “iconic fights” on the show. There, he let slip one exciting idea that “might” happen this season. “I would say if you are looking for iconic fights, there might be a fight coming up with another Wilson.” 

Slade Wilson’s family hasn’t appeared on Arrow yet, but he did mention his son, Joe, in season one. This is most likely Joseph Wilson, aka Jericho in the comics. Additionally, in the source material, Slade has a daughter named Rose and another son named Grant. Both of these characters had assumed the role of Ravager, which was usurped by Isabel Rochev on Arrow season two.

So, we could be seeing any of Slade’s three children this season, or maybe another relative all together. As an ally to H.I.V.E., perhaps? Expect more news on this to come soon.

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