FEATURE: Ten Characters Who Could Join the Team on DC’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW

Warning: The Following Contains SPOILERS From Recent Episodes of Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Arrow and The Flash has introduced many supporting heroes and
villains, and some of these have gone on to star in a third series, DC’s
Legends of Tomorrow
. This spin-off show has been very successful so far, but a
second season has yet to be confirmed. If Legends is renewed, however, then I
would love to see the team’s lineup changed a bit.
I like the idea of having a new team appearing on Legends of
with each season, something that was rumored a few months ago. If that’s
the case, then there are plenty of characters from the Arrowverse – heroes and
villains – to choose from in creating a new team.
Also, this season has already shown that any member of the team can be killed off. In fact, the second episode of the series proved that nobody is safe. Of course, with each death comes an open spot in the group.
Below, I’ve compiled a list of ten characters I would like
to see appear on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, either in season two or another
After headlining her own animated series on The CW Seed,
Vixen will head over to live action with a guest appearance on Arrow in a
couple weeks. Beyond that and a second season of the animated show, Vixen’s
future in the Arrowverse is unconfirmed. The CW chief Mark Pedowitz suggested
that she could join Legends of Tomorrow, or she can even get her own live
action spin-off.
Vixen would be an obvious inclusion onto the team of
Legends. She would bring a whole new power set to the show, and it would be fun
to see her interact with the likes of Atom and Hawkgirl.
If Vixen’s guest appearance on Arrow is a success, then a
series regular role on Legends of Tomorrow, as well as other live action appearances, would be logical.

Captain Boomerang
Moving on to the villains, one of the most memorable foes in
recent years is Captain Boomerang. A former member of the Suicide Squad, Digger
Harkness battled The Arrow and The Flash in the two shows’ first crossover
event. Afterwards, he was imprisoned on Lian Yu in an ARGUS prison, alongside
Slade Wilson, and we haven’t seen him since.
The Captain Boomerang character is a key player in this year’s
Suicide Squad feature film. Thus, it’s possible that The CW no longer has
permission to use Boomerang – something that has happened with Deadshot and,
most recently, Deathstroke. But, if Boomerang can still be used in this
universe, then he would be a fine addition to Legends of Tomorrow.
Digger Harkness is a badass, ruthless villain who hasn’t
been used to his full potential. It would be great to see him in a team
dynamic, similar to Flash villains Captain Cold and Heat Wave. Fingers crossed
that The CW finds a way to make this happen.

Nyssa al Ghul
Nyssa has been a key recurring character on Arrow for the
past two seasons. The daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, Nyssa recently succeeded in
usurping the leadership of the League of Assassins from Malcolm Merlyn.
However, she disbanded the group immediately afterwards. With the League no
longer around, what’s next for Nyssa?
One idea is to have her join the team on Legends of
Tomorrow. Her particular set of fighting skills would make her a worthy
addition, while I’m very interested in seeing where her arc goes next after the
League’s demise. Plus, seeing her on a show filled with time travel and
superhuman powers would be very fun.
The creative team behind Arrow clearly loves working with
Katrina Law, so the more Nyssa on these shows, the better. And one way to
create a fresh new arc for the character is a role on Legends, which I think we
can all get behind.
Captain Atom
Nathaniel Adam is an obvious choice to include in the
Arrowverse. I suggested last year that the character should appear on The Flash’s second season. Even though that may not happen, Captain Atom would be a great
inclusion in this universe. So, why not have him join Legends of Tomorrow?
A frequent member of the Justice League in the comics,
Captain Atom surprisingly hasn’t been adapted to live action yet. And, with
seemingly no plans to include him in the DC Extended Universe, he should be
fair game for the Arrowverse.
I think Captain Atom would have an interesting team dynamic
on Legends, while his superpowers would look cool on the show. Plus, imagine
the humor of having both “The Atom” and “Captain Atom” on the same team?
Mister Terrific
Curtis Holt is currently a recurring character on Arrow, appearing
as a Palmer Technologies employee who frequently works with Felicity Smoak. It
wouldn’t be surprising to see him adopt the Mister Terrific persona sooner or
later. And once that happens, he would be a fine addition to the Legends of
Mister Terrific’s technological abilities would be very cool
to see in this universe, making him a unique superhero. And, again, seeing him
work in a team of other heroes (maybe a few villains too) would be a lot of
Mister Terrific can play a similar role to Atom in this
universe. Have the character appear on Arrow before becoming a superhero, tell
his origin story, then have him join a team of similar characters on another
show. Hopefully, Holt’s evolution will be told in full, either on Arrow and/or
another show, such as Legends of Tomorrow.
Another recurring player on Arrow, Tatsu Yamashiro played a
key supporting role in season three. She recently guest starred on an episode
this season. It’s unknown if The CW can continue to use the character for much
longer, due to Katana’s role in – you guessed it – the Suicide Squad movie.
But, if Katana can still be used in the Arrowverse, then she’d
be a fine addition to Legends of Tomorrow. Tatsu is a strong character who would
create an intriguing team chemistry on this show, and again, it would be cool
to see a more grounded character witness first-hand time travel and
Quite frankly, the more of Katana we see on these shows, the
better. This universe has a lot of great female heroes, with Tatsu being one of
the more memorable ones. Again, I hope the Suicide Squad movie won’t keep
Katana from returning to the Arrowverse.
The Question
Considering how great a character Vic Sage is, I’m surprised
that the character hasn’t been adapted to live action yet – especially in the
current age of DC Films and Television. He would make a flawless addition to
the world of Arrow, but he can also join the team in Legends of Tomorrow.
My favorite iteration of The Question is the Justice League
version. There, Sage is a conspiracy theorist who plays a key role in
the show’s CADMUS arc. A similar incarnation in the Arrowverse would be
awesome, and it would create another unique dynamic in the Legends team.
Ultimately, The Question is a character who has to be appear
in live action sooner or later. If he won’t pop up in the DCEU, then he would
be a more than worthy addition to the Arrowverse.
Arrow has been trying to bring Helena Bertinelli back for a
while, but actress Jessica De Gouw’s schedule has repeatedly kept that from
happening. Last time we saw her, she tried to kill her father in a quest for
vengeance, but she did not succeed in pulling the trigger. So, after the
conclusion of her arc in season two, where could Huntress go next?
One idea is to have her work with a new cast of
characters on Legends of Tomorrow. Seeing Helena interact with several
characters on Legends, such as White Canary, would be a lot of fun.
Additionally, she is another grounded character who has yet to experience
things such as time travel and super powered beings. So, seeing her reactions
to those things would be fun. Oh, and if they do include Question in this
universe, then bringing the Question-Huntress romantic pairing to life has to
So, hopefully, the crew will find a way to bring Helena back
into this world, either on Arrow or on Legends.
Roy Harper
Roy/Arsenal was a series regular on Arrow until season three, where
he faked his death and set out to create a new life for himself. He guest
starred on an episode this season, but immediately went back to hiding. Roy is
a great character who has arguably been underused. But, how about he becomes a
member of Legends of Tomorrow?
Actor Colton Haynes is no longer a series regular on Arrow
because he wishes to pursue other career opportunities after his contract
expired. However, being a series regular on Legends of Tomorrow wouldn’t be as
time consuming. Legends has 16 episodes this season, opposed to Arrow’s
23-episode hauls per season. So, that’s easier to work into an actor’s schedule.
Plus, the shows’ creative crew suggested that Roy could
return on one of Arrow’s spin-off shows, such as Legends. So, I really hope they
make it happen.
John Constantine
You did not see that coming? After NBC’s Constantine was
cancelled, Matt Ryan’s John Constantine returned on an episode of Arrow this
season, uniting the two worlds. The character was a natural fit on the show, becoming one of the
most memorable parts of season four to date.
Constantine was rumored last year to star in Legends of
’s second season, should it happen. However, producer Marc Guggenheim
has since said that Constantine’s appearance on Arrow was always designed as a “one-off.”
Still, Constantine would be a wonderful addition to Legends.
He would easily hold his own against other characters, while his magical power
set would offer something unique to the show. Plus, if his Arrow episode is any
indication, Constantine would easily steal the show with every appearance.

Out of all the characters in the Arrowverse, John
Constantine may be the one that I would most want to see as a team member on
Legends of Tomorrow
. Fingers crossed that The CW can make it happen.
Which characters from Arrow and/or The Flash would you like to see on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow?

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