THE FLASH: Robbie Amell Explains Purpose Behind Firestorm’s Fate and Chances of Returning

At the beginning of this season of The Flash, Robbie Amell’s Ronnie Raymond, aka Firestorm, seemingly died while stopping the black hole in Central City. After this incident, Martin Stein teamed with Jefferson Jackson to become Firestorm 2.0, and they are now starring in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. But why exactly was Ronnie killed off (again)? Amell finally explains.

At Dallas Comic-Con Fan Days (via Heroic Hollywood), Amell reveals that Ronnie’s death was a result of scheduling conflicts for Legends of Tomorrow. Basically, Firestorm was going to be a part of Legends no matter what, but Amell couldn’t fit it into his schedule. The solution? Kill Ronnie off and replace him with a new guy. “The main thing behind that was the timing didn’t work out for me for Legends of Tomorrow to shoot it, and…Firestorm had to be a part of that show. And it couldn’t be me, so the idea was that I had to die and they introduced a new Firestorm. And then they just kept getting annoying emails from me asking when I was going to be brought back. So, um…I’m just going to see how long that works.”

Amell then shares his belief that Earth-1 Ronnie is dead for real this time, saying, “I truly believe that Ronnie from Earth-1 is dead. I think you can only sacrifice yourself so many times without actually dying.” However, he says he would love to return to The Flash if they can figure out another way to bring him back. “I would always love to go back to that show. I love the cast, I love the producers. A lot of the same crew that worked on The Tomorrow People because it shoots in Vancouver. That show will always have a place very close to my heart, and I’ll go back any time they want me to.” 

The Flash is exploring the Multiverse this season, consisting of infinite Earths and doppelgangers. We met Earth-2 Ronnie – who became Deathstorm in that universe – last week, but can we see other versions of him?

Stay tuned for more news as we have it. For Amell’s comments on his new Netflix movie ARQ and why people seem to enjoy watching him die on screen, click the link above.

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