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FEATURE: Five Villains We’d Love to See in MAN OF STEEL 2

Back in 2014, Warner Bros. confirmed that a standalone
sequel to Man of Steel was in the works, with a release by 2020 promised.
Little else is known about the movie, but rumors suggest that he could team up
with Supergirl to take on Brainiac and Bizarro.
But when the movie does come together, who should be the villain?
Superman has a slew of iconic enemies who deserve the big screen treatment.
Only a small handful of these characters – Lex Luthor, General Zod, etc. – have
been adapted to film. But the DC Extended Universe will change that, with
Superman villains like Doomsday on the way.
Below, I’ve compiled a list of five Superman villains who I’d
love to see, either in Man of Steel 2 or another sequel afterwards.
Brainiac has been rumored to take some sort of role in the
DCEU, either as the villain of Justice League Part One or the big bad in Man of Steel 2. The character has potential to work as both; he’s a great villain for
a Superman solo story, but he’s also powerful enough to take on the entire League.
Director Zack Snyder confirmed that Brainiac is “definitely down the road,” so
we know that he’s gonna pop up in the DCEU sooner or later.
But if Brainiac doesn’t appear in Justice League,
then he’s a more than worthy addition to Man of Steel 2. He’s a character who
can challenge Superman mentally and physically, while he’s unique enough to
stand out from other comic book movie villains. As for story ideas, the “Superman:
Brainiac” arc by Geoff Johns – which was adapted into the Superman:
animated movie – would be a good start.
Brainiac is one of Superman’s greatest villains, and their
conflict simply needs to take place in the DCEU.
Mongul is one of Superman’s more formidable adversaries, but
he has yet to be adapted to live action. So, if Man of Steel 2 wished to recruit
a true physical threat to Superman, then Mongul would be a solid option.
Seeing the Warworld and Mongul’s rulership of it would be
interesting to see. Also, I’d love to see “For the Man Who Has Everything,” one
of the most iconic Superman stories, adapted into a movie. If it’s even half as
emotional as the Justice League Unlimited episode of the same name…man.
Mongul certainly has some potential as a cinematic villain,
so fingers crossed that Warner Bros. sees that.
Another iconic Superman villain is John Corben, aka Metallo.
This character has a cyborg body powered by Kryptonite, making him a powerful enemy
against the Man of Steel. In fact, Metallo was being lined up to antagonize Superman
in Man of Steel 2, but that changed when the film became Batman v Superman:
Dawn of Justice
Still, that doesn’t mean Metallo can’t pop up in the next
solo Superman flick. He isn’t a big scale, alien invasion-type villain
like General Zod and Brainiac, making him a more grounded adversary for Supes.
Also, a recurring theme in comic book movies nowadays is the presence of
robots, androids, AI, etc. So, Metallo would fit right in.
Overall, Metallo is a solid villain who would make a decent
big bad in Man of Steel 2.
Originally, Rao was a red supergiant star orbited by
Krypton. However, it was later revealed that Rao is also the name of a
Kryptonian god. The character is currently the focus of Bryan Hitch’s excellent “Justice
League of America” arc. Basically, Rao comes in as a god who seeks to heal all
the problems in the world, and the human race flocks to him and his prophets.
Of course, there’s more to Rao and his agenda than meets the eye.
Seeing this arc play out in a Man of Steel sequel – or even
a Justice League movie – would be very interesting. It would allow the DCEU to
further explore Krypton’s mythology, while it would give Superman a new enemy
to face. And it would perfectly tie in to the DCEU’s “Gods Among Men” theme.
So, Rao would be a terrific Superman villain to implement in
the DC Extended Universe.
Last, we have one of Superman’s most powerful adversaries.
Initially an enemy of the Man of Steel, Darkseid has evolved into an antagonist
for the entire Justice League. He will likely appear in at least one of the two
Justice League films, but he could also be a great villain in Man of Steel 2.
There are plenty of story directions a Superman/Darkseid
film could take. Personally, I would
love to see the “Legacy” saga from Superman: The Animated Series in live
action. In this arc, Superman is brainwashed into becoming a pawn of Darkseid,
and he attacks Earth under the villain’s influence. This story gives an idea of
what it’d be like to see Superman as an enemy of Earth, a big fear of Batman’s
in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. So, adapting this arc would thematically
be a flawless fit in the franchise.
Personally, I would prefer to see Darkseid as a Justice
movie villain, but he has plenty of potential as a solo Superman enemy.
Either way, fingers crossed that he shows up in the DCEU sooner than later.

Honorable Mentions: Parasite, Silver Banshee, Livewire,
Lobo, Bizarro

Which Superman villain(s) would you like to see in Man of Steel 2

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