FEATURE: Five More Villains Who Should Join the Arrowverse’s Legion of Doom

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This season on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, the crew is taking on none other than the Legion of Doom, a team comprised of some of the Arrowverse’s greatest villains. The Flash enemies Reverse-Flash and Captain Cold will unite with Arrow‘s Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Darhk. This week’s midseason finale of Legends will see the (re-)introduction of Merlyn and Cold, as the team finally takes shape.

But where can they go after Legends of Tomorrow‘s second season? The Legion of Doom has appeared many times in DC Comics, animation and more. The group has consisted of many different villains from the DC Universe. So, the team has an insane amount of potential – not only on Legends, but on The CW’s other DC shows too.

Below, I’ve listed five possible additions to the Arrowverse’s take on the Legion of Doom. These are all villains who have been previously established in this universe.

Gorilla Grodd
One of The Flash‘s most memorable villains so far is Grodd, everyone’s favorite telepathic gorilla. Last time we saw Grodd, he was sent to a jungle sanctuary on Earth-2, where he joins a group of gorillas like him. Sometime this season, we will be returning to Gorilla City in a two-part episode. But what happens next?
In the comics and animation, Grodd was a member of the Legion of Doom, as well as other supervillain teams. Having him join the Legion, perhaps as the leader, in the Arrowverse would be exciting to say the least. Grodd would serve as both a major physical and mental threat for our heroes.
Also, Grodd is one of the Arrowverse’s most visually impressive feats yet. The CG work on the character is simply flawless. That being said, it can serve as both a gift and a curse if Grodd is a regular character. Can they afford to do the Grodd CG for multiple episodes in a row?
Potential budget concerns aside, Grodd would be a great addition to the Legion of Doom in this universe.
On Arrow, Oliver Queen has fought many different villains. Among them is Floyd Lawton, aka Deadshot. Lawton started out as an enemy to both Arrow and John Diggle, before forming a quasi-alliance with Diggle while on the Suicide Squad. 
Lawton died in Arrow‘s third season, seemingly due to the character’s role in the Suicide Squad movie and likely other installments in the DCEU. Due to this, Deadshot is one of the more “wishful thinking” additions on the list. However, the character did return as a hallucination on an episode this season, while The Flash introduced an Earth-2 doppelganger last year.
So, if they do ever get the OK to bring Deadshot back for real, he would be a good addition to this world’s Legion of Doom. Lawton’s particular set of skills make him a formidable foe; even though he doesn’t have superpowers, his expert gun skills are unparalleled. And sure, the character may be dead, but so were Damien Darhk and Captain Cold. So, they can always use time travel or the Multiverse to resurrect Lawton.
Legends of Tomorrow‘s Legion of Doom has united some of the Arrowverse’s biggest and greatest villains to date. One way to continue this trend is to bring in Deadshot.
Clock King
Arrow introduced William Tockman in its season season, and to this day, he is one of the show’s more memorable villains. The character also popped up during The Flash‘s first season, where he was sent back to prison. Since then, we haven’t heard anything more from Tockman. If they were to ever bring the character back, one idea is to have him join the Legion of Doom.
While all of the current Legion members are physical threats to the Legends, Tockman would serve as a more mental opponent. Basically, he can serve as one of the big brains of the organization. Also, this would serve as another Prison Break reunion in the Arrowverse.
Long story short, Clock King is arguably one of the Arrowverse’s more underutilized villains. I just hope they bring him back on one of these shows. He’s already popped up on Arrow and The Flash, so why not Legends of Tomorrow next?
Killer Frost
Throughout The Flash‘s run (no pun intended), Caitlin Snow has served as an ally to Barry Allen and the team. However, one of the Flashpoint side effects this year is the fact that she now has ice powers – much like her Earth-2 doppelganger. The Killer Frost is within her, currently suppressed by power-dampening cuffs. But we all know that’s not going to last forever. And when Frost returns, where will she go next?
One option is, you guessed it, join the Legion of Doom. Killer Frost would be the first female member of the team in this universe, and the move would serve as a heartbreaker for the Legends. However, the potential arc could also serve as a retread on Captain Cold: Former ally who shoots ice is now a member of a supervillain team.
But if they can create an arc for Frost that can be unique and compelling, then I’d love to see her join the Legion of Doom. 

Time to put those “wishful thinking” caps back on. As we all know, Deathstroke was a key part of Arrow‘s first two seasons, with Slade returning for an episode in season three. But between Manu Bennett’s disappointment in the show’s direction and the character joining the DCEU, it doesn’t look like the character will ever return – save for a stuntman wearing the suit in a couple hallucination scenes.
That being said, if they ever find a way to bring Slade back properly, then having him join the Legion of Doom is a dream come true. Again, it’s been said that Legends of Tomorrow is uniting the Arrowverse’s biggest villains. And who is bigger than Deathstroke himself? Seeing Slade interact with the likes of Merlyn and Reverse-Flash would be too cool, while having him fight the Legends would be an awful lot of fun.
But if they can’t get Slade back, then maybe they can go back to the future (heh) and recruit his son, Grant Wilson. Grant is the Deathstroke in 2046, and he had taken over Star City with his army…until the Legends take him out, of course. I really liked the Star City 2046 of Legends, and I would love to see them bring back this version of Deathstroke.
But essentially, Deathstroke is one of the most influential villains in the Arrowverse so far, and it’s a shame if they never bring him back. But if, by some miracle, they do, then enter the Legion of Doom.
Honorable Mentions: Heat Wave, Trickster, Prometheus, Weather Wizard, Anarky

Which Arrowverse villain would you like to see join the Legion of Doom?
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