Marc Guggenheim Offers Update on FREEDOM FIGHTERS: THE RAY and Teases VIXEN Announcement

In addition to the live action shows on The CW, the network is also exploring the Arrowverse in animated form on the CW Seed app. Vixen recently concluded its second season, while Freedom Fighters: The Ray is premiering sometime next year. We haven’t heard much on the latter series since its initial announcement last summer, but now, we have an update.

Speaking with Collider, executive producer Marc Guggenheim confirms that a story outline for The Ray is complete, and the writing staff is on it now. He says, “I’m actually really excited about it, not just because the project’s cool, but because basically we’re going about writing it a different way than we did Vixen. It’s a bit more ambitious.”

Speaking of Vixen, Guggenheim reveals that a “very, very cool” announcement concerning that show is coming soon, and The Ray ties in to it somehow. What could it be? A third season renewal for Vixen? A crossover with The Ray? A live action spin-off? Expect something to be confirmed in the near future.

Like Vixen before him, The Ray is expected to pop up on one of the live action Arrowverse shows eventually, with the same actor giving both the animated and live action performances. When asked about how The Ray will cross over with the live action shows, Guggenheim says, “One of the things we’ve done is we’ve written in, as we did with Vixen, parts for the various actors who play characters in the Arrowverse. We have a couple of ideas that, if they come to fruition, you’ll see some of these Arrowverse characters in ways you never saw them before.” That is an interesting tease, to say the least.

Stay tuned for more news as we have it. What do you think the Vixen/The Ray announcement is going to be?

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