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Spider-Man in the rain in his black suit looks at himself in a mirror wearing the original suit, with the film's slogan, title, release and credits below.
We start out with MJ on Broadway, and Peter is actually in the audience! Harry is in the higher sections, watching MJ, and Peter. After the play, Peter spots Harry, and he tries to chat with Harry, but Harry tells Peter to raise Norman Osborn from the grave.
We see the Goblin glider, mask, and then Harry in a chamber, with green smoke coming out of it reminiscent of Spider-Man 1.
We then head to a park, where we spy MJ and Peter on a web, and an asteroid hit the earth. A slimy thing crawls out, onto Peter’s bike as MJ and Peter ride away.
We then see a guy in an orange jumpsuit climbing up some fire escape stairs to go visit a young girl! Its his daughter! He’s leaving letters he wrote to her that got returned. He walks out into the kitchen, where he gets kicked out by his wife, but not before seeing and promising to save his sick daughter.
Peter goes to visit Aunt May to tell her he’s going to propose to MJ, Aunt May gives advice to Peter, and gives him her blessing. They miss Uncle Ben together, and Aunt May gives Peter the engagement ring Uncle Ben gave her.
Peter walks out from Aunt May’s apartment and on his way home he is grabbed by a man on a glider! It’s the Goblin! No wait, it’s Harry! They get in a fight, Harry in his new Goblin costume, and Peter in his civilian clothes. Peter loses the ring, but manages to nab it, and Harry knocks himself out with a pipe to the head. Peter tries to wake him up, and takes him to a hospital after he couldn’t.
This fight really reminded me of the last Green Goblin/Spider-Man fight. It brought in more arm to arm fights, but the glider stabbing and constant grabbing/prevention just gave it an air that made it feel familiar to the last fight in Spider-Man.
Marko escapes to a particle lab, where he -> lands on a pile of sand? Scientists start a demolecularization, and low and behold, Sandman is born! (we don’t actually know that yet, so shhh)
Peter is at the hospital, where he receives an update on Harry, and finds out most of his recent memory is gone, particularly the short term memory and recent years. He is allowed into Harry’s room, and Harry really doesn’t remember so huzzah!
We flash back to the sand pit that has Marko in it, where the sand is streaming back to a centralized place, to form Marko’s body! Marko reaches for his daughter’s locket, and struggles to pick it up, but finally does.
Flash to Peter’s apartment, where MJ is coming in with the newspaper that has a horrible review of her play. Peter has to dash off to save the day, and MJ leaves the apartment, with venom crawling around Peter’s room.
Flash to a broken crane, the emergency Peter has to run off to. Gwen is in a photo shoot, when the crane swings a into the room, almost decapitating Gwen. The crane swings back again, conveniently missing the floor Gwen is on, and hits the floor directly under hers. Edward Brock introduces himself as a photographer from the Daily Bugle, and Spider-Man swings in to get to Gwen before she crashes to the ground.
Brock tells Spider-Man Peter Parker is going to be done at the Bugle, and he and Peter proceed to go toe to toe for a staff job.
Spider-Man is going to receive the key to the city! Harry comes home from the hospital, and MJ gets fired.
At the key to city festival, Gwen kisses Spider-Man at the insistence of the crowd (Stupid upside down Spidey kiss). MJ runs away cause she can’t believe Peter let Gwen copy their kiss. Sandman comes in and attacks, and he and Spider-Man fight.
Image result for i hate sand it gets everywhere
Peter and MJ meet at the restaurant where Peter plans to propose, and well… Here’s what I think.
     Peter thinks he’s gonna propose after that stupid Gwen kiss? Nuh uh
     Tobey has no emotions for romance!
     Gwen?!?!?! omg
     Proposal ain’t happening Peter, please give up
     You go girl!
Peter and Aunt May go down to the police station to find Marko is the killer of Uncle Ben! Peter loses it, cause he let Carradine die in the first movie. Peter starts listening intently to the police radio in his apartment to get Marko in his Spider-Man costume so he can be ready to go, but falls asleep listening. Low and behold, the creepy slimy thing attaches itself to Peter’s costume! He wakes up beside a building, seeing the changed costume, and feeling differently.
Peter takes a piece of the slimy thing to Dr. Connors’ and Connors defines it as a symbiote, and tells Peter not to let any of the symbiote get on him, (Uhhhhh wayyy too late)
Peter walks back into his apartment and hears the police radio with an alert about Marko, and grabs the venom costume instead of his unaltered costume. Spider-Man goes to the scene of Marko’s crime, tosses Brock’s camera into a wall, smashing it, and runs after Marko being rude to Brock.
Spider-Man confronts Marko about Uncle Ben’s death, and they fight. Spider-Man soaks Sandman, and believes him to be dead as Sandman turns into mud, and washes away. This fight scene right here is pretty cool, to me it was kinda awesome, the strength and power of the Venom suit was cool to watch.
Peter tells Aunt May that Spider-Man killed Marko, and Aunt May tells him he must be wrong, because Spider-Man doesn’t kill people. She tells Peter it is not their place to decide who lives and who dies.
MJ gets work at a jazz club, and Harry paints a still life as MJ calls asking for company. They end up cooking omlets, and sharing a kiss. MJ leaves, ashamed afterwards, and Harry remembers the years he’s been missing thanks to the kiss from MJ, and a little help from Creepy Norman.
MJ goes home, and gets attacked by Harry on his glider, who tells her if she wants Peter to live, she will do something for him. AKA dump Peter while Harry watches
What Tobey Maguire gets told to think of every time he needs to show emotion.
Harry and Peter meet for coffee, and Harry tells Peter he is the other guy. Peter leaves, thinking Harry is remembering.
Don’t get that suit Peter!
He got the suit…
Peter goes to Harry’s house to confront Harry about MJ, and they fight, destroying Harry’s secret lab. Peter tells Harry, Norman was always embarrassed by Harry, calls him Goblin jr, which enrages Harry, and he throws a grenade at Peter. Peter catches it, tosses it back at Harry, and it explodes over Harry.
Peter proceeds to start walking around in the venom suit, and sees a newspaper calling Spider-Man a thief, and sees the photo is taken by Brock. He goes to the Bugle, calls Brock a fake and proves it, presenting the original photo he took along with more evidence of photoshop.
Connors calls Peter to talk about the symbiote where Connors warns Peter about how the symbiote, if worn, amplifies aggression. Peter lies and says he has no more of the symbiote. Peter then becomes more of a loser, being rude, getting the Bugle staff job, and ugly dancing.
A sewer system is shown, and the mud is flowing into a HUMAN BODY, and somehow retains his daughter’s locket.
Peter takes Gwen on a date and well… Same as proposal, you can read how I feel below.
     Peter you’re stupid
     Peter and Gwen are on a date, where they go to MJ’s jazz club
     Peter did not pull off that creepy ear whisper at all
     How did Peter get to the piano?!?!
     show off
     Thank you Gwen!
     Peter gets “kicked” out of the jazz club, but in the process slaps MJ
Peter realizes the suit is dangerous. (Have you not listened to Dr. Connors!?)
Flash to the top of the church; Spider-Man is wondering about his suit, and swings down, into the bell room. Brock goes to church to ask for Peter Parker’s death, while Spider-Man is in the bell-room, trying to get the symbiote off of him. Brock runs to the stairwell and while he is looking up from the bottom floor, the symbiote, trying to get away from the bell noise, falls onto Brock, and turns him into Venom, while there is no more symbiote on Peter.
We head back to Peter’s apartment, where there is no more Venom in the apartment, Aunt May arrives, and asks about the proposal. Peter confesses to Aunt May he wasn’t ready for the proposal, he hurt MJ, and gives her back the ring. Aunt May tells Peter to apologize, that is the first step in repairing their relationship.
Venom is swinging through the city and gets pulled down by Marko, who thinks Venom is Spider-Man. Venom and Sandman agree to team up to kill Spider-Man.
Peter is peeping tom again, but disappears before MJ comes out of her apartment, gets into a taxi and proceeds to be kidnapped by Venom. (Why am I not surprised?).
Peter watches a hostage crisis unfold on TV, before realizing the hostage is MJ, and gets his extra, non symbiote suit out to go rescue her. Harry is likewise, watching on TV, and Peter comes into Harry’s house dressed as Spider-Man, asking Harry to help him save MJ. Harry shows Peter his disfigured face, and tells him to get out.
The butler then comes to Harry, says he doesn’t speak of stuff normally, but when he cleaned Norman up, he realized the blade that killed Norman was from his glider, and that Norman died by his own hand. Tells him to go help Peter because he is family.
MJ falls in the web, and Spider-Man swings to her rescue. Venom comes in, grabs MJ to use as a shield, and Brock reveals himself as Venom. He knocks Spider-Man down further in the tower of webs, and catches Spider-Man, binding him in the web. Venom goes in for a blow, but not before MJ throws a cinder block at Venom, hitting him.
Spider-Man and Venom fight falling from the webbing, and Spider-Man face-plants into Sandman. Sandman grows huge, and he proceeds to fight Spider-Man.
Venom chokes Spider-Man onto a brace, and Sandman keeps hitting Spider-Man!
Goblin and Spider-Man rescue MJ, and then proceed to take on Sandman together. They take him out with a couple grenades, but Venom comes right in. Venom ties Spider-Man up, and Peter tries to get him to take the suit off by diplomacy, and Brock says he likes being bad.
Peter finally registers the sonic noise hurts Venom, but not before Venom tries to stab Peter with the Goblin Glider blades, but Harry steps in, getting stabbed instead of Peter. Peter creates the sonic circle, and after hitting the circle a few rounds, he manages to pull Brock out of the suit, and throws a bomb into the middle of Venom, officially blowing Venom to smithereens.
Marko admits to Peter why he took the money, confesses Carradine caused him to accidentally shoot Uncle Ben, and apologizes. Peter forgives him, and lets him sand away into the dawn.

Harry dies, with MJ and Peter by his side.
This movie is very clearly not Raimi’s best. Too many villains, not enough focus on any of them. Even Harry, Goblin turned good, who this is our third movie with, is not enough of a force, of a story to give us sympathies with his cause for villainy. Tobey Maguire is not a good enough actor to pull off the wide range of emotion needed in this movie, and while he’s not a good actor, I can’t believe some of the shots of his were used in this movie. The CGI also didn’t quite match up with the previous movies, but that is a combination of a younger movie, as well as a different special effects director. Nonetheless, a decent ending, to a relatively great superhero trilogy. 
Rating: 2.5/5

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